The Florida Citizen’s Alliance had this to say after the election when Republicans came out on top statewide during November 6, 2018—

“That’s the good news. But–we must ask ourselves “How could 49% (3.8 million) Floridians vote for socialism?” The answer is really quite simple: years of K-12 public school education that increasingly teaches democratic socialism, big government nanny state dependency (free stuff), and tears down our Judeo-Christian family values!”

Millions of people are discouraged by the election of November 6 and what Conservatives lost at the federal level across the nation, specifically control of the House of Representatives, but, we spend little time attacking the core problem as to why the House changed hands after 8 years of Republican control. The main reason it turns out is quite simple and points directly to the root cause of our state of affairs in the nation at all levels of government, educational Marxist brainwashing in K-12 public education. 

The latest closely fought political races across the nation tell the story between Democrat and Republican, meaning the Marxists are here to stay on a massive scale in all 50 states and well-funded.

The Democratic Party has fully turned over as Marxist, completing their transformation to Socialism and Communism. But, little to no attention is paid to stop the root cause of our nation’s demise through public education and the lies that are taught from textbooks about our U.S. Constitution. Instead we are teaching Socialism while leaving out factual information and twisting history with half-truths to skew the meaning in the minds of our impressionable children.

Conservatives today are constantly drawn to tiny brush fires of what “He said/She said”, squabbles as I call them, published by those on the Left and Right by televised news shows and major radio talk show hosts. We ignore the most important for the trivial and that will eventually consume America alive; pure diversion from the main battle front which the Left no doubt is all too happy to stir up. Conservatives waste most of their time from the core problem provided by bad education. Shouldn’t we concentrate on the main battle front of K-12 Marxist education instead of just occasionally mentioning it in passing? 

Remember, the factory is cranking out new Marxists each year from high school, primed and ready to vote. New “brainwashed leftist troops” ready to vote as the older Conservative / Republican voting crowd dies out, this is not “Rocket Science”, just look at the growing Marxist numbers voting for Democrats each cycle closing the gap to victory.

How will you take it when next time Conservatives and Republicans think they will win control of the House of Representatives or the Presidency or maintain control of the Senate or any level of government for that matter, but next time never ever comes again? 

If you live in Florida you can do something about the lies and Marxist indoctrination by helping the Florida Citizen’s Alliance, if you live in a different state contact Florida Citizen’s Alliance anyway and find out what they are doing about the “main battle front”. Maybe the Alliance can help you form a group in your state, after all the battle that will end a free nation as we know it will be by K-12 coast to coast and it’s running strong! Time to re-focus your efforts just as the Left surely is doing today and has been doing for over 100 years!

It is long, long past due to “stab the beast in the heart” and end this Marxist public educational nightmare once and for all by eliminating indoctrinating textbooks. The time is today, not tomorrow and not next week to stop our eventual demise as a free nation from massive national educational brainwashing of K-12.

Time to cut this evil out of the root or we will “stick a fork in ourselves because we are cooked” from the inside out!