I Want My Child Back

This illness is cruel and heartless, it attacks children from out of nowhere and it shows no mercy. It strikes without warning and can change a child’s personality in an instant. Listen in as the mother on today’s show shares her story of how one illness turned her families’ world upside down. It’s an illness that’s virtually unknown, grossly misdiagnosed, and completely misunderstood by most people including family, friends and especially doctors.

What is it? It’s called PANDAS or PANS – PANS stands for Pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome. It’s a type of autoimmune problem that causes encephalitis that’s caused by a virus or bacteria. In other words, the brain instead of the infection, is being attacked by the immune system.

Lisa Kilion is a mother of a child with this condition and she knows all too well the heartache that comes with caring for a child with PANS. She has founded the website PANSlife.com and helps families understand what’s going on and to provide them resources, encouragement and support to fight this life altering, nightmare of an illness.

She talks about the symptoms of PANS and how each child is different and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. And how what worked one time® might not work again for your child.

Many PANS children also suffer from Lyme another hideous disease that is grossly misdiagnosed with few doctors really understanding the illness and how to treat it.

What do you look for and what do you do if your child comes down with this illness and more is discussed on this show – a podcast you don’t want to miss!

For Further Insight:
The organization site is www.panslife.com
also, www.lymediseasechallenge.org
(and see http://lymediseasechallenge.org/lisa-wolk-kilion/)
Follow Lisa on Twitter, https://twitter.com/PANSlife
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Medical disclaimer: The information in this podcast is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice in any way. If you have any health concern always see a qualified healthcare practitioner.