Walmart Fires Police Officer For Being A Police Officer ?!?

Just when you think you’ve seen it all – the inevitable happens – another slap in the face against the AMERICAN POLICE OFFICER! This time it’s Walmart who does the unthinkable – they terminate a police officer for being a police officer. I know – sounds like an oxymoron statement. But when you listen to this episode of BLUE LIVES RADIO – you’ll come away shaking your head in disbelief!

In True David vs Goliath like-fashion, a Pennsylvania Police officer takes on Retail Giant Walmart for wrongful termination. Lt Randy Sutton’s powerful interview with a Police Officer and his Attorney, a former Marine Judge Advocate General, take on one of America’s corporate giants for tramping on the rights of a young cop. A cop who worked hard for Walmart, got results for Walmart, and did everything he was suppose to do – EXPECT put himself and the public in harms way.

Also in Lt. Randy Sutton’s “View From The Blue” you will hear about the new evidence concerning “The Ferguson Effect”. One quick note to mention for our followers and listeners, you’ve known us as Police Radio since our beginning back in April 2016 – we’ve now grown and partnered with BLUE LIVES MATTER. Tune in every Thursday for the newest episode of BLUE LIVES RADIO.

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