The #WALKAWAY movement for Democrats to walk away from the Democrat Party has been going on for some time now. These are young Millennials for the most part that have been indoctrinated into Socialism as taught in the public K-16 educational system in our country. 

While the #WALKAWAY movement turns to the Republicans by leaving the Democrat Party behind, this will cause the ultimate transformation of the GOP to the new Democrat Party. All the while the current Democrat Party has already turned violent in the streets and is Communist in nature, which is nothing more than the next phase of Marxism that houses both the dangers of Socialism and Communism.

The Founder of the #WALKAWAY movement, Brandon Straka seemed to indicate he did not change his core ideology of Socialism, though he registered as a Republican and felt the Republican Party is a better choice. All of this alludes to more Socialist based voters for Republicans and supporting Republican candidates that will no doubt have a platform to please them. This is very troublesome since nearly half of Millennials would rather live under a Socialist or a Communist regime based from 2017 polling 2.

The following video is a recent interview by One America News Network with the founder, Brandon Straka of the #WALKAWAY movement.

During a 2017 poll half of Millennials would rather live under Socialism or Communism. The following extracts were from a Florida and Texas1 public educational textbook review. These extracts have been used multiple times in the various columns I have written, but can’t be shown enough because of its chilling effects and are only the tip of the iceberg of so much more in textbook reports.

When it comes to Republicans in Congress their history is weak at best. During the Obama years, for example, they helped Obama add trillions of dollars to our national debt strangling future generations that will have no choice but to pay the bill. Republicans also did nothing to stop Welfare payments to illegal aliens when they regained control of the House and could have refused to continue to fund it. The Republicans also approved a massive Sequestration which gutted our military strength.

We should note the Republicans had both chambers of congress during most of the Obama years and could have denied him anything. In reality there is basically no constitutionally based Republican Party anymore, it is long gone, only a framework of itself. The GOP is all about going where the breeze may take them because their first priority apparently is getting elected and re-elected; the good of the nation in the long run, comes in dead last.

Our nation sorely needs a national level Constitutional Conservative third party that can become well known like the Republicans and the Democrats. Even though there are multiple third parties across the nation they are virtually unknown and apparently can’t or won’t join forces to become one major third party filled with solid constitutionally based principals. When it comes to the Republican Party for me I didn’t leave the side of the Republicans, they left this Constitutional Conservative. 

For Further Insight:
1 Florida Textbooks
1 Texas Textbooks
2  Poll: Half Of Millennials Would Rather Live Under Socialism Or Communism      Than Capitalism

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