Wake Up America!

With the general election a week away, we face dilemmas never encountered before. With both flawed candidates’ negatives at an all-time low, with the FBI reopening their investigation against Hillary Clinton, voters will have to choose between what many Americans feel may be the lesser of two evils. My suggestion is that voters vote their conscience and take into account the most important quality for a Commander In Chief: Integrity.

OPSEC Radio host Jamie Williamson, a retired Special Forces Colonel, implores listeners to conduct some serious introspection and vote for what’s right for the country and not be fooled by shiny objects, disambiguation, obfuscation, and an unending stream of lies in light of demonstrable evidence of leaked secrets, broken laws, broken promises, and willful intent to circumvent US laws, avoid oversight, and enrich ones’ self through her office at the expense of those she was sworn to protect.

Would Director Comey really reopen an FBI investigation on the cusp of elections? Is this Jim Comey’s big FY to a meddling and corrupt administration? Is this reopening a travesty or will impartial justice finally be served?

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