Former Attorney General of California, Senator and candidate for vice president, Kamala Harris, accepted $81,215 dollars in campaign donations from the abortion industry in 2015 alone.

Kamala Harris is responsible for one of the most heinous prosecution efforts in America against two pro-life citizens. Five years ago, it was Harris who launched the investigation into the work of Sandra Merritt and David Daleiden, the founder of the Center for Medical Progress. Merritt and Daleiden’s crime? Producing videos documenting Planned Parenthood’s illegal harvesting of aborted baby body parts. It’s hard to imagine anyone being so evil as to support such a crime against humanity such as this.

I daresay, what Adolf Hitler did to the Jews in World War II is hardly any different than what Planned Parenthood is doing to the unborn. It’s actually worse in my opinion.

Now a Senator, Harris passed her California Attorney General’s baton to Xavier Becerra, who is also pro-baby killing. Becerra has continued pressing the case against Merritt and Daleiden. 

Kamala Harris

In 2015, Sandra Merritt along with David Daleiden, released several videos that had been secretly recorded. They posed as representatives of a biotechnology company in order to gain access to meetings with both abortion providers and abortion facilities. The videos show the back and forth discussions of how abortion providers made fetal tissue and body parts available to researchers. Most of these videos are on the website of Center for Medical Progress (CMP). They are real and very disturbing in terms of dialog. They don’t show anything in the way of the procedures but are clearly very real conversations with executives from Planned Parenthood and their suppliers discussing pricing for fetal body parts.

When these videos were made public, Planned Parenthood sic’d their lawyers onto Merritt and Daleiden immediately. As you would hope, the videos attracted widespread media coverage. On January 25, 2016, a Texas grand jury indicted both Daleiden and Merritt, while finding no wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood. Six months later, those charges were dropped. Along comes California Attorney General Kamala Harris. On March 28, 2017, both Daleiden and Merritt were charged with 15 felonies in the state of California; one for each of the people they had filmed without consent, and one for criminal conspiracy to invade privacy.

Kamala Harris did everything in her power as Attorney General to crucify the two defendants and protect her donors in the abortion industry.

Planned Parenthood was eventually awarded a $2.275 million verdict by a federal jury in San Francisco. According to the judge’s ruling, Planned Parenthood was damaged by the fraud, trespass and breached agreements. 

Both parties are vowing to appeal the civil verdict, and the fight for good versus evil continues. This case did open congressional committees who have been investigating these heinous actions by Planned Parenthood and their partners in the abortion business. God bless President Trump who has been relatively successful in defunding Planned Parenthood. Most recently he has demanded the return of $80 million taken by Planned Parenthood unlawfully. When the PPP, Paycheck Protection Plan, was implemented recently to help small businesses survive the Covid-19 pandemic, Planned Parenthood filled out paperwork in several states requesting funding. Apparently, they missed the two words, “small business”, when filing. 

In an article from the Washington Examiner, Illinois authorities found thousands of “medically preserved” fetal remains in the garage of Ulrich Klopfer, a former Indiana abortion doctor. During the trial of Daleiden and Merritt, one of California’s longest practicing abortion doctors admitted that Planned Parenthood doctors intentionally trigger live births to harvest organs and cells from fetuses. Dr. Forrest Smith, an obstetrician gynecologist and abortionist who estimates he’s performed at least 50,000 abortions, testified on behalf of undercover pro-life investigators Daleiden and Merritt.

While in the U.S. Senate, Harris has maintained a 100% rating from the pro-abortion rights group NARAL, National Abortion Rights Action League, formed in 1969. This should make every Christian, Judeo-Christian and Evangelical in this country very concerned. Were Kamala Harris to ever be elected as President of the United States, oh, I meant Vice President (wink-wink), millions more of innocent infants would be sucked into a tube and sold off piece by little piece.

If this doesn’t anger you and make you NOT vote for Kamala Harris, then perhaps these images will. WARNING!!! These pictures are very disturbing. DO NOT click unless you can tolerate viewing aborted fetuses 

Make sure to get out and vote on November 3. Every single vote will count in winning this election for President Trump and saving the lives of the unborn.