Let me say this right up front and get it out of the way. If you’re too stupid to cast your vote after reading the clearly written instructions on how cast a ballot, whether it be a paper ballot or on an electronic voting machine, then you’re probably too stupid to have your vote count anyway.

When I hear Democrat politicians demanding that “every vote be counted” whenever there is a close election result showing a Democrat loss – as is the case right now in Florida and Georgia following the November 6th election, it is obvious that their demands are nothing more than a blatant attempt to undo the election results and steal a close election. The voice of the people be damned if it goes against the Democrats.

And when boxes of thousands of votes start showing up late – as is the case again in Florida, I can’t help but wonder where those ballots came from. Were they conveniently ‘prepared’ as a back-up days or even weeks before the election and held in reserve, only to be ‘discovered’ just in case the predicted close election went against the Democrats?

I also shake my head with disgust when I hear Democrat politicians and talking heads on television declare that voter fraud is a myth, that it simply isn’t happening. When the evidence of real voter fraud perpetrated primarily by Democrats and Democrat supporters is to the contrary. It is happening, and regularly. After all, the Democrat motto has become “the ends justify the means”. They’re not interested in fair elections, only in winning elections.

Regularly arrests for voter fraud are reported in the news media, and those arrests almost always involve someone committing voter fraud on behalf of Democrat candidates. So the Democrat protestations fall on deaf ears as far as I’m concerned.

Democrats demands for every vote to be counted is simply because they know that among those votes cast and being tallied from patriotic American citizens there is always a percentage of fraudulent votes. And those votes are being cast in favor of the Democrat.

All one has to do is look at all the jokes and cartoons that are passed around social media leading up to an election. One will see countless photos of tombstones in a cemetery with a caption about “Democrats registering new voters”. The variations are nearly endless, clearly an indication that the problem is real. People are just using humor to point out what they know to be a fact of life.

And why are Democrats so supportive of uncontrolled and unregulated immigration into this country? They simply view illegal aliens as a potential mother lode of new Democrat voters. That’s how the so-called “Dreamers” are viewed. If they can legalize the Dreamers and gain citizenship for them then Democrats have just picked up millions of new voters. I can assure you their intentions are to fast-track as many other illegal aliens towards citizenship as they can get away with.  

And much like what has been done to the black community in America, Democrats intend to enslave illegal aliens under the yoke of government handouts (free stuff) as a means of making them dependent on the Democrat Party. Once one becomes dependent on the government (American taxpayers) for survival, they will do everything they can in order to maintain the status quo. And that means more votes for Democrat politicians.

Unfortunately for Republicans they have been unable to make much in the way of inroads into the urban areas and minorities, their strength with voters lies mostly in rural America. Democrats know this, which is why you see their efforts focused on large metropolitan areas.

Democrats only need to turn a couple of ‘Red’ states to ‘Blue’, and Democrats will gain complete control of the elections, and of governing in America. They will have an iron grip on power which will be near impossible to wrest away from them.

The State of Texas, once strongly in the Republican column is inching towards the Democrats ever so steadily. Soon the major cities like Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso in the far west will decide the future of Texas. And unless Republicans do something soon to change the direction it’ll be too late.

Florida is another case. Obviously elections in Florida have become what certainly appears to be ‘Voter Fraud Central’, with deadlines missed and boxes of ballots appearing out of thin air. If Democrats are successful in stealing the governor’s race and the U.S. Senate seat, they will be close to turning Florida ‘blue’. As Texas and Florida go, so goes the Electoral College.

So while Democrats may want every vote counted including fraudulent ones, I want every “legal” and proper vote counted. Too many Americans have fought and bled on battlefields around the world to protect that right for Americans.

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