As the Biblical story of the Exodus from Egypt teaches, people are slaves by default. A full trough is preferable, for most people, to the risks that always come along with freedom. It is equally wrong to assume that all Chinese yearn to be free and to believe that freedom has anything to do with voting in elections. Freedom is related to independence and both require hard work. Studying trades and mathematics is what makes one free, not voting in some sham elections for candidates who are only in it for self-enrichment. 

Too many Americans are proclaiming their opposition to big government while standing in line with their hands stretched out for pitiful crumbs from the same government they pretend to abhor. This is hardly the behavior of a free people. 

When it comes to China and the CCP, it is high time that Americans stopped whining about its excesses and atrocities, claims that America, with its sky-high abortion rate, rampant drug abuse, and “transgenders” is hardly qualified to make. It is high time that Americans stopped blaming China for winning and started blaming themselves for losing. Stop taking drugs, get educated, join the military; all of these choices are available to all Americans and yet too few make them. Until this changes, China will keep winning.

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