Like pickpockets who revel in the art of taking your wallet right out of your pocket without you having a clue until it is long gone, so are our votes stolen by those whose twisted beliefs rationalize their actions in their drive to win. What is America going to do? We can lie down and be trod upon, eyes and ears closed to the truth in front of us, or we can stand for truth, justice, and the American way.

America is waiting. We will wait for as long as it takes. We expect nothing less than truth and integrity in our elections. There will always be cheaters, but they have been the few. It is a new and sad day for America to watch as cheating becomes systemic by political operatives, condoned by the media, and complicit with elected officials and big tech. It is about winning at all costs.

Big tech did everything possible to manipulate the electorate and censor conservatives.

We are witnessing big tech censoring conservatives, our President, news sources, and ICE. They are deciding what we hear and read and think. They continue to censor even more aggressively after the election.

There was voter suppression in the polling, over polling of democrats and under polling republicans, with the intent of suppressing conservative voters.

We have 1.8 million ghost voters in the 2020 election. There are 1.8 million more votes than are registered voters in at least 353 counties. We have dead people not only voting but registering to vote and then voting.

Then there is Scorecard, a hacking program used to manipulate machine counts of votes to favor one party. People watched as their vote on the screen changed from the candidate they had just voted for. I saw with my own eyes when votes become less for President Trump and more for Biden by the same number.

Postal employees claim to have been ordered to accept late ballots and to change dates on ballots. Politicians made new voting rules at the eleventh hour with no legal authority to do so. Poll watchers were forbidden from watching and monitoring in many locations. We removed our safeguards to protect the integrity of the vote, letting votes be counted with no signatures, and no signature or address validations, and bad postmarks, or no postmark. Votes were received and counted from people not registered to vote including illegal aliens.

There are so many voting indiscretions it seems beyond belief that liberal pundits claim that there is no fraud, and President Trump will have to be forcibly removed from office. We are sick of the lies and the rhetoric and the left taking us for fools.

So we will wait. I, for one, want every single vote in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin to be validated and every requirement met to prove a legal and timely vote occurred. Count by hand, we will wait.

President Trump is the American President who gave us the best economy of our lifetimes, who uplifted all people, most of all people of color; who protected America, and law enforcement and our military; who got America out of bad trade deals, bad climate and nuclear deals; who gave us a robust return on our investments, and created peace in countries there has been no peace between for decades.

If America voted for a man who has lined his own and his family’s pockets while doing nothing for Americans and everything for our enemies, I will be saddened. Biden’s goal is to reverse all the good President Trump has done and return to his anemic and unsuccessful policies of the Obama years. I don’t believe America is that stupid. So I will wait as long as it takes to prove to me and seventy plus million Americans like me who voted for President Trump and voted for America and not Amerizuela, just who our rightful president will be for the next term.

We will never support a president nor unite under a shadow of fraud and stolen votes. Let’s do the hard work of getting it right, and then demand voter ID and in-person voting to protect our future election integrity.