Every time I see Robert F. O’Rourke, the most recent Democrat to announce his candidacy for president, I can’t help but think of the character Napoleon Dynamite from the 2004 Hollywood comedy cult classic of the same name. A character that was dumber than a sack full of dirt, yet it was fun to watch his antics in the movie. O’Rourke like Napoleon Dynamite is also dumb as dirt, yet somewhat fun to watch for those of us who follow politics closely.

O’Rourke has literally come out of nowhere, bursting on the national political scene as a result of his 2018 Senate campaign against Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. O’Rourke lost that contest, but he was able to make the race much closer than anyone initially expected that he would be able to do.

And much like Barack Obama before him, O’Rourke immediately rose to a level of prominence in the Democrat Party far beyond his level of talent or experience. He’s become the Democrat party’s and the traditional news media’s ‘new, bright shiny object’. No talent, no experience, dumb as dirt, but he has a unique nickname!

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently visited Texas to pump up Texas Democrats, and to emphasize that the Democrats are likely going to make a serious effort to take Texas’ electoral votes away from Republicans in future elections.

Democrats intend to turn Texas from a red state to a blue state, or at the very least deep purple in political terms. Democrats believe that Texas is ripe for the picking. Republicans would be wise to take heed.

If they can succeed in this effort and successfully take Texas’ thirty-eight electoral votes, when added to California, New York, Illinois, and the other traditionally Democrat states that Trump won in 2016, they could effectively prevent any Republican from winning the presidency again for the foreseeable future. So Texan Robert F. O’Rourke might be critical to the Democrats efforts to win in 2020.

No one I’ve spoken with views O’Rourke as a serious presidential candidate, no matter how many thrills MSNBC’s Chris Matthews might get up his leg. Unlike Barack Obama who won it all in 2008 by concealing his extreme leftist ideology and falsely presenting himself as more of a moderate liberal, O’Rourke, like all the other Democrats so far announced for president, has been running so far to the left that there’s no way he can backtrack now and present himself as a more moderate candidate for president in 2020’s general election. But he could become a very attractive ‘number two’ on any Democrat ticket, running for Vice President supporting one of the other candidates.

In the Napoleon Dynamite film there was a character named Pedro who ran for his high school’s class president. Truthfully considering what I’ve seen of O’Rourke, Pedro is likely more qualified to be president of the United States than Robert O’Rourke is! And Pedro was a barely literate imbecile. What’s that tell you?

The other thing that quickly comes to mind when watching Robert O’Rourke giving a stump speech is his energy level. He looks like one of the tall inflatable tube characters one sees at a used car lot, flapping around and gyrating in the wind. O’Rourke makes more hand gestures than the Pope blessing the Easter crowd from the Papal Balcony at the Vatican. Arms flailing about when he’s speaking before a crowd, O’Rourke looks like he’s trying to take flight, without an airplane.

Of course one thing can be certain, the ‘hate Trump media’ will soon elevate O’Rourke to senior statesman status, they are so desperate to try to get rid of Trump.

Since the Mueller investigation appears as though it’s going to be a bust, actually winning an election is their only hope of removing Trump from office. Hence their efforts in Texas.

Is O’Rourke up to the challenge? Not at all, he’s a misfit. All one has to do is look at his rather curious and even alarming record. That’s a job for an unbiased and fair news media, but unfortunately as we saw with Barack Obama, the news media can’t be counted on to tell the truth about Robert Francis O’Rourke. Just as they ignored the truth and outright covered up the truth about Barack Obama back in 2008, rest assured the media will do its part to help O’Rourke and the Democrats out if he ends up on the party’s 2020 ticket.

The best we can hope for is that Pedro, or perhaps Napoleon Dynamite himself will enter the race on the Democrat side and show the country just how dysfunctional the Democrat Party truly is. Pedro and Napoleon have already appeared in a comedy, running as a Democrat shouldn’t be any different.