As a Constitutional Conservative of no party affiliation, I have given money to Republicans that have run for office across the nation and I only vote Republican, not necessarily because I’m in love with the Republicans but the alternative is pure poison. As you read this piece and as the 2018 mid-term elections start to heat up next month, just refer to me as an outsider looking in.

There has been a great deal of angst over our current Republican held congress over many months this year, the Republicans continue to drag their feet on key legislation the people want. The President has said time and time again he waits with pen in hand to sign tax reform, money for the Southern Border Wall and the end to the Affordable Health Care Act, that millions of Americans ‘with great anger call “Obamacare”.

There is no doubt, at least in this writer’s mind, the Republicans themselves would love to see the “outsider” that leads their party either resign now or become impeached and replaced by a long term Republican member, such as Vice President Mike Pence, taking the reins of the Executive branch of government. But they dare not try this now because they know the mid-terms are coming and their seats in congress are the most precious to them; power is their ultimate aphrodisiac.

Meanwhile, there have been Democrats that have put forth letters for articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump this year. And if they become the majority in the House during the 2018 election cycle, it won’t matter if they have any evidence they will just impeach. Along with all this going on in the tiny town of D.C. Americans all over social media are seething for the chance to vote out all of congress because of their inability to get anything done for their constituents, while also working against our President, stopping him from getting the campaign promises he made during the 2016 election cycle.

So, how do you vote out all the “stick-in-the mud” Republicans that can’t or won’t work together to get the job done for the American people, where our president has an inkwell full of ink, ready to sign legislation that would grace his desk? For one thing, you certainly don’t replace Republicans with Democrats, tilting the House in favor of Democrats, because if we do expect immediate Impeachment proceedings to commence on the President as soon as they are seated. Nothing can stop the House proceeding with Impeachment if Democrats are the majority. The trial would be held in the Senate and then the Senate must vote yea or nay for or against Impeachment. Even if the Senate stays Republican controlled they would still be required to hold the Impeachment proceedings and vote.

The only way I see to place a dent in this ironclad careerist organization we call the Republican Party, who stands in the people’s way is by each of us researching the various candidates that intend to run against them in the primaries.

You can bet the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), controlled by Senator McConnell, has deep pockets for their incumbents or for those they want to support as new Senators for their exclusive long serving “club”. Let us not forget the deep pockets of those we don’t know that will be funding incumbent campaigns in the House or their “picked” replacements, if the incumbent is not running. It all comes down to money and lots of it and if we don’t help fund new people we want, we stand a high probability of getting the same mindset again that doesn’t have the people’s interest in mind at all.

First thing one could do and I highly recommend this, is to look-up your incumbent in the House or Senate that may be running in the 2018 mid-term elections. There are two places we can do this, but I’m only going to list one of them because I hold them in a higher regard and they go back in their research for up to six years. They grade them with a score that places them closer to the meaning and intent of our U.S. Constitution. The grades range from “A’ to a failing grade of “F”. Once you have the grade of your incumbent that is running, find out who else is running and evaluate those people.

So who grades these politicians on their performance? It is headed by Mark Levin, a Constitutional based Lawyer, who at one time worked for Attorney General Edwin Meese III as his Chief of Staff during all 8 years of the Reagan Administration, an Administration that spurred 25 Million Jobs. Yes, he is a nationally syndicated radio host but not just any radio host, the gentlemen is an expert on our U.S. Constitution, a Constitutional Conservative and lawyer that can see through “lead”.

Here is an example of grading one of the incumbents— Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives from the Liberty ScorecardLiberty Score: F

With all the national vitriol over Paul Ryan and his failing grade I would have no problem seeing him lose in a Primary and another Republican getting elected and take his seat. And since I don’t live in Wisconsin I will find out on my own what Republican challenger might run against him, if any, in the primary and send them a monetary donation.

If you don’t like your incumbent then support a candidate other than a Democrat that you vetted as your choice to support in the Primary. This means donating money and or your time. However, not helping your choice in the Primary you may as well forget them making it to a General election runoff against a Democrat, leaving it once again to the incumbent running.

Let’s say your incumbent is solid and no change is needed, but you decided to check other States in our nation that has a new candidate running against an incumbent in the Primary, you check them out and donate money to them, why, because all of Congress affects everyone’s life, no matter where they live. This is what many Americans, in my opinion, need to understand more and more, donating nationwide to an individual candidate. And until more Americans start donating to Constitutional based candidates, the deep pockets and incumbents will just keep winning— “It only takes a little money from many to make much for one”.

So, do you really want change in Washington D.C.? OK then, this means we are going to have to roll up our sleeves, get busy as the sovereign citizens over our government, as intended by our U.S. Constitution, or sit down and complain as usual and let it all collapse, because we are collapsing bit by bit each and every day.

Phil Davis served in the USAF from 1973-1993 and most of it was working in Command and Control at Strategic Air Command (SAC) and United States Air Forces Europe USAFE, while his two best assignments was working at HQ 8AF Command Center from 1984-1989 at Barksdale AFB, with a one year assignment serving with the 485 Tactical Missile Wing, Ground Launch Cruise Missiles in Belgium during 1986-1987. Phil has been writing on political issues since 1993, including a run with the Examiner prior to 2013. It was just after that when he started his own blog where he has written on various subjects about a myriad of topics related to our country's political environment and the rediscovery of American Patriotism.