As our guest in the spotlight, Adam Spiker gives it to us straight from the perspective of a lobbyist/organizer… one who has shaped what legalization of Cannabis in California with an emphasis on Los Angeles will look like. As the countdown for recreational cannabis is nearing… hear about how the laws are changing in respect to Cannabis medically and how the public is being considered in opening a 5 billion dollar cannabis industry set for 2018 in both medicinal and recreational usage. Join us at

L.A. MIRACLE CURE speaks with many of the various stakeholders, leaders and lawmakers  that are crafting the new face of cannabis in Los Angeles and around the country. L.A. Miracle Cure has allowed me to place you in the minds of many wonderful personalities, whose stories reflect the times we are now living in. Hear about the revolutionary relationships with cultivators, law agencies, business owner/operators, community activists, and patients who all will play a key role in the ever changing roll out in Los Angeles, bringing new careers and investment opportunites to the city of Angels.