For as long as I can remember I have known there were forces at work in this earth to destroy lives. Since becoming a Born-Again Child of God, I now know that force is called Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, the prince and power of the air, Beelzebub as well as a few other dark descriptives.

Regardless of what you may call him, be sure to add “defeated foe” to it. Jesus paid a price for us to walk in victory every day of our lives. All of the earth is waiting for the people of God to arise from the places of mediocrity and lethargic Christendom to a place of unrivaled victory.

Author DrFaye Wilson

Members of the Body of Christ are rising all over the world to declare that Jesus has finished the work of saving “that” which was lost. His death, burial and resurrection has returned all that the first Adam lost. We are now walking in power and dominion and authority just as God intended from the beginning. Adam and Eve traded the Word of God for the words of the serpent. Today you will receive the shift back to the original plan of walking in authority, power and dominion in the Name of Jesus.

You will experience the “One” man Christ Jesus from deep within your core. Join me now for today’s teaching from my new book “Our Father’s DNA-Switched at Birth” with the title “Victory Over The Devil”.


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