Veterans are not a problem needing to be solved. Veterans are the solution to employers’ problems. Companies will only truly understand this if they take the proper and necessary time to research their target audience.

This may require going outside of the corporate walls to learn what drives Post 9/11 Veterans. If employers’ do not do this properly, well then, they are wasting the veteran’s time with recruitment efforts and within 18 months most likely the veteran will find another job anyway. Employers need to first establish ‘the why ‘to their marketing strategy. Why do they want to hire veterans? This is vital to properly executing any sort of recruitment plan that will bear fruit.


Carin R. Sendra, USAF Post 9/11 Veteran. A veteran and former Department of Defense contractor, Carin R. Sendra is an enthusiastic writer and supporter of the military community. Her passions include discussing those topics that may get overlooked on veteran challenges. Carin writes thoughtful and informative material through her Ph.D. dissertation work; ‘Veteran turnover intention in the workplace’ as well as contributed to the following; Work of Honor, Veterans Voices Magazine, The Talent Economy, GotUrSix Radio, KSON Employment after Deployment and BRAVE radio. Her current endeavors include volunteering as a board member with a new nonprofit called which encourages therapeutic expression through screenplays and acting in veteran made films.

Carin advocates authenticity in leadership and encourages veterans to assess their worth when moving into job opportunities post service. Veterans should not be discouraged if assessed as a poor fit within an organization-they should only seek an organization which appreciates them as they are.

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