As an outsider (Iraqi in exile) across the Atlantic looking at what is happening in the USA, especially the latest election results, I am predicting that unless “We the People” make enormous rational changes politically, socially, educationally and religiously, they will become just another Banana Republic.

On numerous talk shows that I have recently was invited to, not a single host or hosts are willing to call “a Spade, a Spade”. Not one is acknowledging the “elephant in the room” because of Political Correctness or lack of comprehension for the reasons of the collapse of civility, respect and decorum currently infecting your society.

I ask “Why would any decent, fair minded and patriotic American having suffered greatly under eight years of Obama’s mismanagement, vote against the Trump administration when the economy is booming; the lowest level of unemployment in 50 years among minorities (Black, Hispanic and others); more money in the pockets of millions of people; more jobs available than there are qualified people to take them; fewer people on the dole in over a decade; etc”?

The hosts do not have a logical answer. They invariably provide numerous but contradictory reasons.

From my point of view, I am certain that at least 49% of Americans are totally clueless or brain dead to elect Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Leftists and Muslims who have every intention to overturn all that has been achieved by the Trump administration in 20 months.

The building block of any nation is the family unit. The cohesion of the family unit is the foundation of any successful society. When the family unit is broken or dysfunctional, the society withers and dies, slowly but surely.

The endemic diseases in America today are:

  1. Millions of children growing up by single parents invariably mothers without fathers
  2. The despicable leftist unpatriotic education system

Children growing up under single parents have no father figure to look up to or be guided by. Very little discipline and no respect for authority.

These characteristics are transferred to the schools, colleges and universities. Adding to this already great disadvantage for the students, their curriculum does not teach them about the American Constitution, the Revolutionary Struggle, the Civil War, love of country, patriotism, and individual as well as collective responsibility.

Most academics in schools, colleges and universities are Leftists and Liberal who believe that all humans are equal irrespective of culture, civilization or background. That White Christians especially are the most racist and Imperialistic. That Black Slavery was mostly a White Christian enterprise. That Western Imperialism has been and is the cause for most of the strife around the world.

The result has been generation after generation of totally ignorant graduates who have been guided more into Humanities, Globalism, Social Studies and other utterly useless subjects than on Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics Robotics and others. They base their thoughts more on emotions than on logic.

Because these students have been indoctrinated with these incredible and blatant falsehoods, they rarely or ever investigate and find for themselves if the above are true.

Humans are NOT equal except under the Law. There are good, evil, brilliant, stupid, productive, parasitic, criminal, law abiding, rich and poor people hence they are not the same.

Facts and history tell us a completely opposite story to what leftist academics have been brainwashing millions of young minds.

Before White Christians became imperialist powers, the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Mongols, and Turks preceded them by centuries.

The worst and most systematized, cruel and relentless slavers in world history were and are Arabs especially after Muhammad declared his Cult of Islam. According to most of the historical records available from Arab, Muslim, African, Indian and other sources, the Arabs and Black Africans who converted to Islam slaughtered, plundered and caused the death of 140,000,000 Africans so that 14,000,000 would end up in the Americas (only 700,000 landed in the USA).

White slavers awaited their cargo at the ports of West Africa. Whites did NOT go into darkest Africa to get the Blacks, they left this odious job to the Arabs and Black Muslims. Not a single American among 338,000,000 has had the backbone and knowledge to point this out to the hate mongering but clueless Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam; to Black Panthers or Black Muslims.

Arab and Muslim slavers caused the death and destruction of over 100,000,000 Hindus as well as tens of millions of Christians, Buddhists and others that no one in Academia or the news media bring to the attention of the American people.

It was White Christian Imperialists who brought the concept of Democracy to all other continents outside Europe. It was White Christian Imperialists who introduced Electricity, Trains, Water purification, Hospitals, Medicine, Vaccine, Roads, Education, Agriculture and Science to Asian and African countries while they also excavated the mineral wealth of these countries. It is not as if it was a one sided advantage.

It was White Christians who were the first and only people stopping slavery all over the world starting in the 19th century. It was over 600,000 “Racist” White Christians who died in the Civil War to obliterate slavery in the USA.

Not a single Arab or Muslim in 1400 years ever attempted to do so; on the contrary, they continue slavery as I am writing this article in Africa and Asia.

There are dozens of other facts that I can bring to the attention of the readers but will require several articles to do so.

Since to change the education system and produce better results will require decades that the USA cannot afford, I have suggested to emulate what Israel had done.

Why Israel? Because it was declared a member state of the UN in 1948 and survived the onslaught of six Arab armies who attempted to exterminate her but failed.

Following the establishment of the state, Israel had to absorb millions of Jews from 70 different countries, speaking at least 50 different languages from dozens of different cultures and backgrounds and had to assimilate, integrate and turn them into one people speaking the same language in just a few years.

The only way this was done was through the armed forces. Israel has mandatory conscription for both males (two years and eight months) and females (two years) over the age of 18 years (there are exemptions).

These conscripts were not only taught to fight but also to learn and many of those who graduated from specialist units became the entrepreneurs of Israel’s Start Up Nation.

The military instill in them discipline, leadership, brotherhood, solidarity, trust and most important of all, that each of them is an Israeli first and foremost irrespective of their origins.

The same but with fewer number of months should be started in the USA. Under the military, all the conscripts are Americans NOT hyphenated Americans. There will be no tolerance for any form of discrimination because the life of each soldier will depend on trusting all others to defend them. There will be a sense of Brotherhood / Sisterhood in arms.

Thus, in much less time, new generations will become Americanized, disciplined, patriotic, educated, responsible and independently thinking human beings than they were before they were conscripted.

Whether the current American leaders and public would consider such a move is the $64,000,000 question but from my perspective and until someone can show us a fast and better alternative, I am sticking to this idea.

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