If you’ve ever been in a situation where you were slighted due to a lack of charisma or charm; then you know how frustrating it can be. Especially when you’ve been outsmarted and you know full well you know more than they do. Learning to use your sex appeal to your advantage is an incredible asset. And yes both women and men have it. It might be just as simple as using your positive attributes to advance your career.

Let’s face it, men struggle with women who are beautiful and brilliant. But why? Why are men threatened by successful women? “Powerful Women exude confidence, men are afraid of being turned down,” Ava confesses. “It is their EGO,” says Susan. “They are victims of messaging in society,” explains Missy. “It is a shift in society; you have to prove yourself,” says Shawna.

Malcolm is in trouble on this one, as Co-hosts Shawna Peters, Missy Crutchfield, Susan Price and from Season One Ava Armstrong take him to task. Can Malcolm defend the honor of the male species?

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