Win, lose, or draw, the United States of America must go on. To paraphrase former President Ronald Reagan, “America is the last great hope of mankind on earth”. There’s no place to run. We either protect what we have or humanity returns to the dark ages.

Now that it looks like the courts will decide the recent election – and there’s no guarantee that they will ultimately rule in President Trump’s (and America’s favor) – American patriots need to start planning for a potential future under a socialist regime in Washington DC. That is IF the courts decide differently than how we want.

So what can we do? What should American patriots do in response to the Socialist Democrat Party controlling the White House? First and foremost we must stand true to our oath of allegiance to the United States Constitution above all. The Constitution is what binds us together, and protects and prevents us from becoming just another third world banana republic or a communist dictatorship.

When the Socialists in Washington or in your state try to circumvent what the Constitution allows⏤make your voice heard. Take to the streets and to the halls of Congress in peaceful protest.

Use the Left’s own tactics against them, only do it the right way. Peacefully and being respectful of the rule of law, just like the image shown above on this post.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be loud. The louder the better, make it hard for them to ignore your voices. Don’t make threats of violence. That accomplishes nothing. All it does is makes us look bad in the eyes of the news media and the rest of the world.

What about the news media? The networks and their sponsors need to hear loud and clear that we’re not going to tolerate their biased coverage any longer. It’s time that the news media gets out of the entertainment business and goes back to just reporting the news. Unless they are hit in the pocketbook⏤they won’t change. So make note of who their sponsors are and let the sponsors know how you feel about the issue. Large, coordinated efforts have a much better impact.

Pay attention! Remember how the Obama Administration infiltrated our government and military with hardcore leftists? Watch for even more of that under the new crop of socialists in charge. Make note of who these people are who are appointed to senior and lower-level positions in government and the military so that they can be quickly removed when the next administration takes over after the failure of socialism. Limit the amount of damage they can do from the inside.

President Trump has had to fight an insurgency within his own government throughout his presidency. And make no mistake about it, Barack Obama has been behind this insurgency, and he will be back inside the White House and pulling the strings. Joe Biden is only a temporary puppet.

Remember those who betrayed President Trump. They should be denounced at every opportunity, and shouldn’t be rewarded with wealth and offered prestigious academic or ‘think tank’ jobs as a result of their duplicity. They should be shunned and no longer offered speaking engagements or corporate board memberships.

Speaking of academia, we must take back our universities and other educational institutions from the leftists who have been indoctrinating our children and poisoning their minds for decades. If our children stop attending these schools, and the universities lose that tuition money and all other associated funds, they’ll start to make changes to their faculties and administrators. And begin to offer a more well-rounded education for our young, impressionable minds. Change needs to come particularly in the history and social studies departments.

We must demand a crackdown on ANTIFA, BLM, and any other terrorist groups destroying our communities. We must support our police and give them the tools they need to do the job. We don’t condemn the whole profession when a cop makes an honest mistake in the heat of an intense and dangerous moment. We accept that living in a free society means that in an un-exact science like law enforcement, bad things sometimes happen. We learn from them and move on. And sometimes harsh measures are called for by the police. Particularly when they are being called upon to quell a growing insurgency within our own country. Don’ be squeamish, support them when they have to use those harsh measures.

Get involved. If you can’t run for office yourself then find and support good people who will. At the local, state, and federal levels. The socialists took over the local elective offices, we need to take them back. The Secretary of State is also an important office to control. Every state has one and they control the elections. Remove the socialists from office and replace them with solid, honest conservatives who will ensure that our elections are fair and accurate. And above all protected from fraud. Demand voter ID.

Patriotism is a twenty-four hour a day job. It’s an arduous endeavor requiring constant vigilance and hard work. Let your elected officials know you’re watching them. Be respectful, but pay them regular visits, either as an individual or better yet as a group. Let them know that you will be holding their feet to the fire, and holding them accountable.

We may not know what way the 2020 Election is going to end up, but we cannot despair. Stay involved with like-minded individuals and groups. Stay active and coordinate your efforts with others around your region, and the country.

Above all stay true to the ideals of the greatest country on the face of the earth.