Recently, my wife and I sat down to watch a documentary on Netflix about the “Flat Earth” movement. This small movement of people sincerely believes that NASA, along with every other space agency in the world, has been lying to us about the earth being a globe and that the earth is actually a flat disc shape.

I have a strange fascination with this conspiracy theory. I’m fascinated not because any facts or science support the conclusion that the earth is flat (they don’t), but because people actually believe in a flat earth despite irrefutable proof to the contrary. It hurts my brain to think that people can believe something so obviously absurd.

It’s entertaining to observe the mental gymnastics these people go through to try to justify their fantasies. You see this with not only Flat Earthism but also things like 9-11 trutherism, “chemtrail” conspiracy theories, beliefs that the moon landing was faked, etc.

After seeing a tweet from conservative blogger Matt Walsh, in which he made the comparison between the Russian collusion hoax and various other baseless conspiracy theories, it occurred to me that those on the far Left are basically flat earthers. They relentlessly hold on to their various delusions despite all facts and evidence.

For instance, how many on the Left still believe that Justice Brett Kavanaugh is a serial gang rapist based on the absurd and obviously false claims of Michael Avenatti (who, by the way, was recently charged with extortion and fraud) who represented Julie Swetnick? Leftists on Twitter still assert this nonsense from time to time.

How many on the Left still repeat the debunked rumors that the Covington Catholic kids surrounded and harassed an elderly Native American man despite video proof showing just the opposite—the kids were the ones being harassed by a group of Black Hebrew Israelites when Nathan Phillips, the Native American activist, walked into the middle of their group to bang his drum in their faces.

Now many on the Left and in the media continue to desperately hold on to their baseless conspiracy theory that President Trump colluded with a foreign government to undermine the 2016 election despite all the facts staring them in the face. “A lot of other weird stuff happened!” declares Politico writer Blake Hounshell. “It feels like the seeds of a cover-up are here!” shrieks Joy Reid of MSNBC.

Based on the fevered imaginations of these Leftist commentators, you halfway expect them to pull out grainy video footage to “prove” to us that President Trump, along with other political leaders they dislike, are actually from a race of reptilian shape-shifters bent on world domination and enslaving humanity.

They already imagine that we’re currently living in a racist, sexist, homophobic, and generally bigoted dystopia since Trump took office, so they aren’t far off from such wild speculations.

You have to wonder why the Left is so obsessed with pushing baseless conspiracy theories like the Russian collusion hoax despite the Mueller Report saying there was no collusion. Why do they insist that Justice Brett Kavanaugh is a serial gang rapist despite objective reality? Why do they continue to embarrass themselves by spreading the false claims that innocent high school kids randomly decided to surround and harass an elderly Native American despite video footage proving the opposite?

We might find an answer to these questions by observing the Flat Earth movement—a group of people equally devoted to absurd delusions. When watching the documentary I referenced earlier, I couldn’t help noticing how these flat earthers had an extreme sense of self-importance. They are the “truth-seekers.” In their minds, they are the only source of honesty and goodness in a world of deception and evil. Their entire identity and sense of value is wrapped up in Flat Earthism.

That’s how the far Left feels about themselves. They are “the resistance,” after all. They truly see conservatives as an evil force that must be exposed and stopped at all costs. They don’t care about facts. They want to believe that we are bad people, and they will use anything they can—no matter how ridiculous—to push that belief. To deny their Leftist conspiracy theories is to deny themselves.

The only way you can believe the whacky conspiracy theories on the Left is if you want to believe them. The far Left swallows this junk simply because it substantiates their hatred toward conservatives—those they believe to be a source of pure evil. It substantiates their sense of self-importance as a special club of the only true defenders of their version of moral rightness. The far Left are basically flat earthers—their flat earth theory is just whatever ridiculous fantasy the Leftist media pushes this week.