What do Cindy Sheehan, Sandra Fluke, and Christine Blasey Ford all have in common? The answer is pretty simple. All three were tools used by the Democrat Party, and all were, or will eventually be discarded once they are no longer of any use.

Everybody remember Cindy Sheehan? Think some more, it’ll come to you. A little harder, c’mon, don’t tell me you forgot who she is! 

How soon we all forget. Cindy Sheehan is the mother of a fallen soldier who had been killed in Iraq. She became a champion of the anti Iraq War crowd, and a darling of the Democrats who used Sheehan to try to discredit then President George W. Bush and the American involvement in Iraq.

At one point Cindy Sheehan was camped out along the road leading to President Bush’s Crawford, Texas ranch, preening before the television cameras and demanding President Bush come listen to her screech at him. She even contemplated purchasing property in the area to become neighbors with the Bush’s. Though I doubt she’d have been invited over for a cup of coffee, or could knock on the door just to borrow some sugar.

Cindy went on to run for political office several times, all unsuccessfully. Apparently the voting public wasn’t convinced about her qualifications for office. Voters recognized that Cindy Sheehan was just one of those useful idiots that the Democrats trot out before the television cameras now and again, to try to sell whatever load of horse manure they’re peddling at the time to the American people.

Enter Barack Obama’s ‘Contraception Czar’ Sandra Fluke, the college student who demanded free birth control for all women, since apparently her monthly birth control bill was costing her too much money. Not sure why she needed so much birth control, but perhaps just keeping her pants on might have cut her expenses just a little bit.

Sandra Fluke was trotted out before the television cameras by California Democrat Nancy Pelosi every time she needed a useful idiot to use to bash the meanie Republicans who were unwilling to subsidize promiscuity with taxpayer money. Fluke would have done better to just tell the boys over at the Sigma Chi house and the football team to make sure they brought their own birth control with them when they stopped by.

And now we have Christine Blasey Ford, the newest blithering idiot that the Democrats have trotted out in their despicable attempt to derail the Supreme Court confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a good and decent man. Her pitiful testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee was one for the ages.

Back and forth between giddiness and weeping – remember when she cheerfully requested a cup of coffee? Blasey Ford was wholly not credible as a witness. Her claim of a sexual assault at a time and a place and a date that were unknown to her was incredible to say the least. Amazing how those facts pertinent to any investigation which could help verify one’s veracity – or dishonesty – were conveniently missing.

The testimony of Ms. Blasey Ford aside, the other women who have come forward to claim instances of sexual assault allegedly committed by Judge Kavanaugh also strain credulity. None of the allegations have any evidence or corroboration, only the drumbeat of Democrats and their allies in the ‘resistance movement’ to support them.

The Democrats and their allies in the media are desperate to prevent Judge Kavanaugh’s elevation to the nation’s highest court. They have shown that they’ll stoop to any level, even climbing down into the sewer to try to achieve their goals. Regardless of how many people are trampled on, including their own useful idiots and tools. 

At this point let me paraphrase a quote from Barack Obama. “Elections have consequences. We won”. The sooner Democrats accept that and decide to work together with Republicans for the betterment of America the better off we all will be. But don’t expect that anytime soon.

Democrats have shown that they’re only interested in control and power. And they’ll use and discard as many tools useful idiots as they need to try to get back in control of all three branches of government. And God help us all if that ever happens.