Several months ago WikiLeaks dropped this graph as a bombshell on Twitter with the following message—“Cyber Berkut publishes alleged links between Ukraine and Clinton I just happened to see it, paused, and then decided to take a chance and go to CyberBerkut’s website and quickly capture the image and get out because it was too small to capture it from the posted link. The chart shows the money trail and amounts in various currencies to the Clintons’ where they were paid. Could it be true?  (Note: “банка” in Russian means bank)

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Alleged links between Ukraine and Clinton

So who or what is CyberBerkut? According to WikiLeaks—

CyberBerkut”—“…a modern organized group of pro-Russian hacktivists. The group became locally known for a series of publicity stunts and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on Ukrainian government, and western or Ukrainian corporate websites. Their proclaimed goals are fighting against neo-fascism, neo-nationalism and arbitrary power in Ukraine.” 

Since the time of WikiLeaks posting I made sure that I dropped the graph to the President of the United States, major conservative talk show media and anywhere else I felt it was appropriate. Whenever there was a Tweet related to the alleged Uranium One deal I dropped the chart in their Tweet.

The chart from Cyberberkut could be the piece that fits into the entire Uranium One puzzle if the CIA can confirm a money trail at all.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) indicates the starting point to apparently wash/launder money going through various banks along the way until it reaches the Clinton Foundation.

So, who approved the alleged Uranium One deal, if it happened at all? There is no way other entities within our own federal government could not have known about the alleged nuclear deal if it indeed happened. Some media is debunking the Uranium One scandal claiming it just didn’t happen, couldn’t happen, too many players involved. This brings us to who really controls our government? It’s what many of us today call “Deep State”, the bureaucracy of permanent civilian employees that apparently control all 3 branches of government; something President Trump can remedy quickly.

Just how far back do Democrats go when “chumming” with the Russians? When Russia was known as the Soviet Union, a Communist regime, Senator Ted Kennedy, as seen here, sits down with Leonid Brezhnev General Secretary of the Soviet Union (1964-1982).

Senator Ted Kennedy sits down with Leonid Brezhnev

When it comes to Democrats “chumming” with the Russians it’s something we should bear in mind; an important story for next time.

Yet another item to ponder, what did Obama insinuate at the nuclear summit in Seoul South Korea during 2012, when speaking to outgoing Russian President Medvedev? Was it about access to our nuclear material?

VIDEO: Obama’s open mic slip on missile defense system

In the end if the Uranium One deal did go down it had to be known all way to the previous President of the United States, Barrack Hussein Obama.

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