Not trying to make the current situation even more gloomy than it already is, but I always believe that being well educated about potential threats is the best way to protect oneself. Hopefully this COVID-19 pandemic will serve as a wake-up call to everyone, and especially for our national security structure in particular.

You better believe that ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Islamic Republic of Iran (and their proxies Hamas and Hezbollah), and many other extremist groups are taking notes on what havoc has been wreaked as a result of this pandemic.

I can assure you that extremist groups have their ‘scientists’ hard at work looking for a way to replicate an even more lethal virus or other form of bacteriological weapon, as well as a targeted delivery system aimed right at the U.S. and the West. If a few of their own get caught up in it that’s just the price of martyrdom.

Again, I encourage everyone that once this situation has calmed down to take a look at where you stand as it relates to being prepared for any future emergency situations. Being mindful not to panic, as has been happening with the hoarding of toilet paper and other commodities that has been going on, start making your preparations for another national emergency that might happen in the future.

Next month, after the current furor has subsided, when you go to the grocery store buy one extra package of toilet paper, a second case of bottled water, and a couple extra cans of vegetables and other non-perishable foods to store in your home. No need to buy ten extra of everything. You can spread this out over a period of weeks or months, but the important thing is to do it. Start putting things aside for a rainy day.  

You’ll also need some extra prescription medicines (most prescription meds will last way longer, only losing a little of their potency over time). There are also things naturally occurring that can be used to replace some prescription medications. Do some research now.

And the most important of all is have on hand GUNS AND AMMUNITION to fend off the predators who didn’t prepare, and who will be out in force looking to take from you and your loved ones. 

Also start filling empty one gallon milk jugs with tap water and keep them stored in a shed, your basement, or a spare room in the house where they are out of the way. (I have roughly 50 stored neatly in a corner of my basement right now). They can be used to wash dishes, for a sponge bath, or to flush the toilets in your house which are generally all gravity systems. Water will always flow downhill.

And also add a few five gallon cans of gasoline stored outside of your home for use in your vehicle, and to be used for only the most necessary trips outside of your residence that you may have to take. You should stock up so that you have at least enough supplies to carry you for a minimum of one month.

Rotate your cases of water in and out with that which you keep in the house for daily use. As well as anything else that might have a shorter shelf life. There are companies that sell military MRE’s and similar food packages that are high in protein and calories that you can purchase, and that have a 20-25 year lifespan.

Education and preparation will go a long way to helping each of us weather any storm, or an earthquake, or even a terrorist attack. For that matter any other national emergency causing disruptions to the food supply and other services that we have become so dependent upon.

Also have a family plan in place that you’ve discussed with your loved ones on how to get back together at home, or where they can hunker down temporarily until help can arrive. Remember, cell phones may not work and the police will most likely be overwhelmed. It may take hours or days before they could respond to a call. You could very likely be on your own for several days.

Instead of pulling your hair out and driving around aimlessly risking your life and wasting important resources as you worry about a family member, you’ll feel better knowing your loved ones are hold up safe and sound because you planned in advance.

Preparation, preparation, preparation may be the difference between life and death.

These helpful hints could be the difference between surviving with the least amount of disruption to your daily life, or depending on what could be non-existent help from the government.

Unfortunately, if a comet hits us we’re all toast no matter how well prepared we are.

But that’s another story….