Caroline was not the first person to find herself in a good job with all the security, money and niceties that a good corporate job provides. She was also not the first person feeling unfulfilled in that role; a burning sense that something was missing in her life.

The difference is⏤Caroline Boudreaux acted on that feeling. She decided that ‘money would not be the main ingredient that would make her world go round’.

I always thought if I made more and more money that I’d be happier, but it worked the opposite, the more money that I made, the more confused I became”, expressed Caroline, “I had everything that money could buy, but I wasn’t happy”.

And with that, Caroline and her best friend Kris decided to quit their corporate jobs and take a trip around the world for one year. 

It was a trip that would change her life forever.

She walked into an orphanage in India that as she describes “felt like a concentration camp.”

“I was totally unprepared to meet 110 filthy, bald and hungry children. We called them Velcro babies because you’d sit down and have ten kids on you and then stand up and still have 10 kids on you. I saw this little baby girl. I could tell she wanted my attention. This little infant was only 18 months old. I picked her up. Like with all of them, they would push their bodies into you. I rocked her asleep and sang her a lullaby in honor of my mother and she fell asleep in my arms. When I went to put her in her room, I walked her into her room and noticed her bed was a piece of wood on the ground. The minute that I laid that starving baby on the wooden bed, I thought, somebody better help these children.”

It was at that moment that Caroline Boudreaux recognized her life would never be the same again ,“I knew it had to be me. I knew it was my responsibility”.

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The Next Leap Forward

Miracle Foundation was founded by Caroline Boudreaux on Mother’s Day in 2000. It’s a non-profit organization that brings life-changing care to orphaned and vulnerable children from around the world. Caroline has a big goal⏤to eradicate orphanages by insuring every child has a loving family to call their own by 2040.

As Caroline explains⏤”Today, there are 8 million children living in orphanages around the world and almost 500,000 children in the United States foster care system. None of them want to be there. Ask any child and they will tell you that their biggest dream is to be part of a loving family — it’s where they thrive. With global awareness, collaboration and your help, our goal of a safe, loving family for every child is fully achievable by 2040.”

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