The Uniforms of Fallen Officers Become Sacred Teddy Bears 1

BLUE LINE BEARS CREATED BY TEENAGE DAUGHTER OF COP TO HELP FAMILIES OF THE FALLEN. Megan O’Grady is 14 years old and has begun a Non-Profit organization to help the families of fallen officers cope with their loss by making Teddy Bears from the uniforms of the officers who lost their lives and giving them to their kids. BLUE LIVES RADIO Host Randy Sutton speaks to her and her mom about this touching and meaningful effort.

In his “View From The Blue” Randy calls out the “snowflakes” who pressured Pepsi to pull their ad that was seen as “pro-police”, the Boss of the Washington State Patrol for investigating a Trooper for simply doing her job because of political pressure. Randy also brings to light 11 police suicides in just 13 days and how we must work together to stop this epidemic.

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