Unhealthy Energy Causes Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Pain 2

When is the last time you walked into a room and almost immediately felt that you should turn around and walk back out? What about the time you walked into a room and you just knew you were going to have a great time? For many people, their first reaction is that their mind is playing tricks on them. But in actuality, it’s the energy, both good and bad, that exists in all of us. It’s no joke!

“Whatever is going on in your life; you do not have to go through your life miserable; you don’t have to hold onto childhood stuff; you don’t have to hold onto physical stuff… if you’re carrying stuff around – you do not have to do that,” states Ruth Anne Mak.

Energy is a leading factor in how you relate to circumstances, and how you feel at any given moment. Luckily there are steps we can take to improve our energy, and areas where we can learn more about the unhealthy energy in and around each of us.

There is one technique that is gaining in popularity and it’s called Reiki. It reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and pain plus produces many other health benefits. And it’s a technique that anyone can learn and do right from the comfort of their home!

According to the American Hospital Association, in 2007, over 800 American hospitals offered it as part of hospital services and several studies have proven it’s effective.

Reiki is a healing technique that uses subtle energies in our universe to unblock chakras in the body and remove unhealthy energies in and around a person’s body. It works holistically on the whole body, mind, and spirit. It can be done locally or long distance as time and distance doesn’t affect how the energies work. It can not only be used on humans but on animals and objects as well – as everything is made up of energy.

Professional Reiki healer doing reiki treatment to young woman
Professional Reiki healer doing reiki treatment to young woman

There are many different techniques that can be used to help the body heal along with modern medicine, and reiki is just one of them. It’s painless and relaxing and has many health benefits.

I’d like you to meet Ruth Anne Mak. She is a Karuna Reiki® Master, Shamanic Practitioner and teacher, La Ho Chi facilitator, and a former co-host on the BBS Radio show Well Rounded Corners. She has a BS In Biology/Earth and Space Education and Psychology/Counseling coursework, and she uses many tools to help her clients help themselves heal and live peacefully and joyfully.

You can find out more about Ruth Anne Mak and her incredible work at www.alabamareiki.com. Enjoy the show!