President Trump calls the 19 years in Afghanistan and U.S. involvement in the Middle East “the single biggest mistake in the history of our country,” further stating, there would be between 4,000 to 5,000 American troops left in Afghanistan by this November 3rd, 2020″

Our Commander in Chief also stated that “America should not be acting as a police force” in Afghanistan.” “After 19 years, it is time for them to police their own country.”

Already ahead of schedule, and under the Peace Agreement with the Taliban in February 2020, the U.S. will have all military forces out of Afghanistan by May 2021.

Since entering his first days in office, President Trump strived to pull U.S. forces from all war zones, especially Afghanistan, and yes there was resistance from various military officers and state department heads, which was another sign of how deep the swamps needed to be drained.

The United States and the Taliban committed to a peace agreement on Feb 29, 2020, to include the U.S. would continue to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, despite the fact that the Taliban continues to attack Afghan troops, and the Taliban has agreed not to attack American and NATO coalition forces, leaving the Afghan forces now to defend themselves.

The rivalry between the Taliban and the Afghans has always remained controversial because it’s been a known fact that factions of Afghans, aid and abet the Taliban forces.

President Trump sees this is a never-ending war and will no longer take part in sacrificing the life and limb of American forces, the U.S. has no choice but to remove ourselves from the politics and crime of foreign countries.

As we look back into history and witness who was running our country and facts emerging from the secret agenda of the once-powerful elite, who sacrificed our American sons and daughters for global greed, the Veterans, Patriots, and the majority of the red, white and blue Americans fully support President Trump despite what liberal Media and their cronies have to say.

Let us not forget that the Afghanistan and Iraq wars piggybacked off the false narrative of the 9/11 tragedy, it was the domestic terrorists from within working together with foreign enemies to bring chaos and disaster to the American people and to provoke wars in the middle east to take resources of gold, heroin, children, arms and other commodities, disguised and well thought out by former leaders we once regarded as truthful.

The true nature and false narrative of this war were based on the agenda of deception, obfuscations, and redactions throwing Americans into the longest war in Afghanistan.

For 19 years, we were a part of the lies withheld by former military and political officials during the George W Bush and Obama administrations, and for the record, President Trump is the only President in the history of America to end all wars, foreign and domestic.

A well thought out maniacal plan created 19 years ago as a false narrative to the 9/11 tragedy and the theft of human life causing nearly 3,000 from that tragic day and the creation of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars when troops first began to deploy to Afghanistan in 2001.

Through the years the wounded totaled over 20,589 and those killed in action were just over 2,350, my Marine son was one of them.

Another one of President Trump’s promises made, promises kept, to the American people was to end the war in Afghanistan, something that could and would never have happened under the previous two administrations.

History worth noting, the Bush and Obama administrations knew Afghanistan produced 90% of the world’s heroin and opium and were allegedly involved with nefarious sources in transporting it to the U.S., don’t forget that the U.S. was flooded with the plague of the open drug wars on American streets during the former these two administrations, and individuals within the U.S. Congress also involved.

It is the hope and final battle cry for patriotic Americans to see that justice and accountability are administered to those who committed tyranny and high treason against the people of the United States for their systemic outreach in globalism, further plotting wars, for these insider politicians, military officers, government officials, and others, instigated wars, foreign and domestic for the profit and gain through drugs, weapons and most of all, human trafficking.

The once silent majority of Americans have lived through enough of the Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, dynasty’s, and will not punish and enslave ourselves with the repercussions of any more deep state anarchists.

Do you really believe we will allow the likes of criminal Sleepy Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to intercept our country and hand it over to foreign dictators? You’d have to be out of your ever-loving minds.

Back up support for President Trump is echoed from the majority of our active military and veterans today, they love having this President’s signature on their paperwork, often bragging about it to family and friends who served under former administrations, their comments range from, “President Trump fully supports and respects the U.S. military, while Never Once, abandoning us with arms, support, or the ability for us to do our jobs while on foreign lands.”

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