Social Media was initially the brainstorming concept for the exchange of ideas and thoughts. No more! It has now become the tool of leftist thinking and the beginning of a nation ruled by tyrannical oligarchs forcing everyone to play by their set of rules. And if you don’t, they’ll cancel you from the platform. As Debbie Georgatos explains, basically, the left-wing in America is saying… “We have left-wing views, and no other views may be expressed.”

The Left is deeply emboldened; in fact, they are radically emboldened to make major, major changes, not just legislative or tax rate changes or policy changes, but they are gearing up for a radical fundamental transformation of America. Debbie Georgatos joins Malcolm in a quest for truth in the public square!

Debbie Georgatos hosts the conservative talk show America, Can We Talk? She is a public speaker, author, past Fox News Radio national political analyst, and former California labor/employment litigation attorney.

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