Turning The Page on Phony Scandals

Turning the Page? Perhaps now the Democrats are seeing their fruitless efforts are now having a detrimental effect on their own party. The mainstream media…well, they still don’t get it. Both, however, are on the path to self-marginalization. People are no longer taking them seriously and some Dems are starting to see the writing on the wall and are ready to move past the fake news story of “Russian Collusion” and rigged elections.

Former US Army Special Forces Colonel Jamie Williamson and retired Navy SEAL Aries Lynch explore the end of the “Russian Collusion” backfired attempt at discrediting the Trump administration. They recount the actual and substantiated “Phony Scandals” of the Obama administration all of which were inadequately covered by the corrupt mainstream media with their own progressive agenda. Maybe now it’s time to investigate the previous administration?

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