Some Truth On The

On January 21, some women’s rights groups organized “Women’s Marches” in many cities across the Unites States and around the world. The rallies largely targeted recently-inaugurated U.S. President Donald John Trump.

One of the most prominent organizers of “Women’s Marches” is Linda Sarsour who is the head of the Arab American Association of New York and an Obama White House “Champion of Change,” who spoke at last month’s 15th annual convention of the Muslim American Society and Islamic Circle of North America. Linda Sarsour is very active on Twitter. She is pro Sharia law and a couple of her tweets even have a seditious tone to them where she glorifies Sharia law and hints at it taking over America whereby Americans will have interest free loans.

The reasons why Linda Sarsour is one of the instigators are:

DJ Trump declared he will only allow Muslims coming into the USA after they are fully vetted

DJ Trump has declared TOTAL war against ISIS. No holds barred

DJ Trump has promised to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel

As far as Linda Sarsour is concerned DJ Trump is the enemy of Islam obviously and conveniently forgetting that Muslims and Islam are the enemies of EVERY human being on Earth who is not a Muslim called Kuffar/Infidels (currently 80% of none Muslim humanity). In fact they had been active warring enemies of the American Republic since 1776.

As a Muslima, Linda Sarsour suffers from the debilitating mental disease of ALL Muslim called “Blame the Victim” Syndrome.

Dear Americans not a SINGLE female among the hundreds of thousands demonstrating against President Trump at the behest of Linda Sarsour and others has two brain cells of logic because under Sharia EVERY female on Earth is just one little step higher up the ladder of evolution than Domestic Animals.

There were many speakers and participants. There was Madonna who wished she could blow up the White House. Another was the actress Ashley Judd who read a poem in Washington D.C. that asked why “tampons are taxed when Viagra and Rogaine are not”.

While Madonna and Ms Judd talked about their distressing erroneously perceived tragedy, thousands of Yazidi women, girls and children were being forced into sexual slavery in Iraq and Syria at the hands of Islamic State (ISIS), and available for purchase at sex-slave markets.

Dear Americans, please be aware that Linda Sarsour wears the hijab and is attired in the Islamic manner and on several occasions in pictures and on Twitter she raises her index finger as a sign of TAWHEED (Allah is one) of ISIS. This means that Linda Sarsour is fully SHARIA Compliant.

Since she is Sharia compliant, Linda Sarsour therefore is FORBIDDEN from being loyal to the American Constitution because it is not from Allah’s Sharia nor to none Muslim American (called Kuffar/ Infidels; 97% of Americans)

Furthermore, since most probably at least 90% of those demonstrating around the world are NOT Muslims but are Infidels/ Kuffar, they are therefore supporting the Muslima Linda Sarsour and Islam the very enemies of ALL none Muslim humanity; their own mortal enemies.

There are pictures of Western women condemning Trump’s alleged misogyny in association with females in hijab declaring their Islam, the very NEMESIS of women’s rights. These female demonstrators are the usual clueless Useful Idiots who are available at the drop of a hat in their hundreds of thousands to fall over the cliff like lemmings the instant the objective is vilifying males.

These alleged ‘feminists’ are literally aiding and abetting the very organizations in the USA and outside that would replace Western Civilization with either leftist fascism or Islamic Sharia. Not a single female amongst them could actually articulate the purpose of their ‘movement’ in any coherent and rational manner.

The greatest tragedy of all is the fact that there is not a single prime time TV station to bring these leaders to the show and debate them because almost the entirety of the American media is itself either clueless about Islam or in lock step with it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have repeatedly asserted that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse of Muhammadan Islam are called:

Knowledge! Knowledge! Knowledge! & Knowledge!

Because the worst nightmare of Muslims is to DEBATE someone who knows Islam better than they do and who can literally pulverise any and all of their arguments.

For most of the last fifty years, so called ‘feminists’ wilfully and unconscionably IGNORED the plight of millions of young Muslim girls who suffer Genital Mutilation and or early arranged marriages to much older men. These ‘feminists’ are BRAVE burning their bras, their underwear and declaring their agenda ONLY in Western democracies knowing full well that they are safe.

These women are ‘feminists’ only in their warped and cowardly minds because in reality they NEVER stood up to be counted in support of at least 750,000,000 OPPRESSED Muslim females around the world. All their protestations will add to naught because their purpose is IGNOBLE and will not start any meaningful movement.

Donald J Trump will prove them and ALL his detractors not only Wrong but prove them to have been Intolerant, Immoral and Unjust.