In this inaugural episode of Viewpoint Presents, Malcolm and Michael Johns launch the program with analysis on three key news stories of the week: The 2020 U.S. presidential election, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, questions about its origin and errors in statistical over-reporting of it, and ongoing concerns about China’s aggressive behavior at home and abroad.

Encouraging News for President Trump’s Reelection Prospects – First, the American people, by a five point margin, continue to believe Trump is better positioned to manage the economy successfully than his opponent, former Vice President Biden. There is a significant enthusiasm gap between the two candidates with Trump voters much more enthusiastic in their support for him than Biden supporters are for their candidate. This significant gap likely will impact voter turnout in Trump’s favor this November.

Reporting Errors in Coronavirus – The number of cases and deaths attributable to coronavirus in the U.S. is likely lower than officially reported. The fact that some coronavirus-positive patients were tested repeatedly with each positive test reported to central databases and that some facilities, including a good number in Florida, were only reporting positive cases, which drove up positive case percentage findings. The U.S. has now conducted roughly 52 million tests and contends that positive findings will inevitably rise because the U.S. is testing at a vast and fast-growing pace.

The Communist Party of China’s Malicious Activities – The burning of documents by China’s Houston consulate personnel and the efforts by its San Francisco consulate to hide and protect a Chinese university professor sought by U.S. federal authorities, further rocks the relationship between China and the US. In addition to the massive human rights violations of the Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang province by China’s Communist government and the broader ramifications of such atrocious human rights violations.

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