Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns returns with Episode 11, including passionate and informative segments on President Trump’s October 2 hospitalization at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Maryland following a positive diagnostic finding for coronavirus, obvious conflicts of interest and bias in 2020’s presidential debate moderation, and a close look at how China’s Communist Party holds responsibility for the global coronavirus pandemic that has now taken over a million lives globally and inflicted trillions of dollars of damage on the U.S. and global economy.

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Trump at Walter Reed | Malcolm and Michael dive into the biggest news of the week and possibly of the entire 2020 political season: President Trump’s positive diagnosis with coronavirus and his subsequent admission to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Maryland on October 2. But the media and usual Trump critics may be completely wrong in stating affirmatively that the development is a hugely negative development for the president’s reelection prospects. Malcolm and Michael detail the somewhat comparable example of President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, who was accused of downplaying the pandemic’s threat, was subsequently diagnosed with the virus on July 7, recovered quickly, and went on to see his political popularity among Brazilians soar to an all-time high. Malcolm and Michael also assess how the far left’s heartless glee in Trump’s diagnosis will repel most American voters and how a political story plot is now set for Trump to recover and emerge with a humble but bold reelection message that could propel him to a November 3 victory.

Debate Moderators’ Bias | In the second segment, Malcolm and Michael assess the September 29 presidential debate in Cleveland, moderated by Fox News’ anchor Chris Wallace and forthcoming plans for C-SPAN’s Steve Scully to moderate the second presidential debate, scheduled for October 15 in Miami. They dive into the outrageousness of the Commission on Presidential Debates, the non-profit organization founded to sponsor presidential and vice presidential debates, totally overlooking or disregarding the obvious conflict of interest in using Scully, who began his career working as an intern for Biden. With a growing number of American voters convinced that debate moderators are unable to perform their function objectively, has the time come for a new approach to them? Malcolm and Michael discuss the possibility of allowing presidential candidates themselves to split nominating moderators and possibly branching out beyond the use of big corporate media moderators.

China’s Pandemic Responsibility | In the final segment, Malcolm and Michael detail the steps China’s Communist Party (CCP) took and didn’t take that permitted the coronavirus pandemic to escape China, giving rise to a global pandemic that to date has taken over a million lives globally and inflicted trillions of dollars of possibly irreversible damage to the U.S. and global economy. Questions abound: Why did the CCP arrest and silence Chinese medical professionals and citizens who sought to warn the world about the pandemic as it began to emerge in Wuhan? Why did the CCP order the destruction of viral samples that could have proven immensely useful in the development of tests? Why did the CCP shut down the Chinese facilities that reported original findings on the viral genome sequence of coronavirus? Why did they refuse to permit CDC and WHO global health experts entry to China in January when these two vital global health institutions were attempting to learn more about the virus and limit its global damage? Why did they shut down domestic flights out of Wuhan while allowing international flights out of Wuhan to continue? Why was as much as 80 percent of China’s coronavirus-related protective equipment, including masks, ineffective, according to European and other recipient countries? Why did the CCP launch a global disinformation campaign outrageously designed to blame the U.S. for the pandemic? Malcolm and Michael also discuss Michael’s attempt in August, during an appearance on China’s state-controlled television network, to get senior CCP officials to at least acknowledge that coronavirus originated in China, which they refused to do. China is now the single largest national security threat confronting the U.S. and free world, Malcolm and Michael conclude, and the CCP must be held accountable for coronavirus’ extraordinary human and financial costs to the world.

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