With the Democratic and Republican conventions now complete and the 2020 political season shifting into high gear, Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns returns today for Episode Six, tackling President Trump’s 70-minute acceptance speech on the South Lawn of the White House last week, the mounting far-left activism in professional sports (while more centrist voices are silenced), and a look at Biden’s unremarkable and sometimes perplexing 47 years in federal government.

Trump’s Acceptance Speech | Contrasting greatly with the Democrats’ convention of gloom, personal attacks, and negativity, the Republican Convention concluded Thursday evening with Trump’s uplifting acceptance speech that offered both an extraordinary and lengthy litany of accomplishments since his January 2017 inauguration along with an ambitious and thoughtful vision for the next four years. Among many highlights, Trump described how Biden spent 47 years telling blue collar workers “he felt their pain, and then flew back to Washington and voted to ship our jobs to China and many other distant lands,” as Trump said in his acceptance speech. The Republican Convention was clearly the more successful of the two conventions with Republicans offering detailed policy solutions to major national challenges (as Democrats spoke in vague, cliche-ridden ways) and proudly presenting their candidate every night of the four-day convention (as Democrats largely sought to avoid showcasing Biden until they had to). Trump’s acceptance speech ranks as one of the better acceptance speeches of modern times, largely because he was able to list so many first term accomplishments and forward-looking policy proposals should he win a second term.

Sports’ Politicization | A series of major American institutions already have fallen under control of the far left, but professional sports has always been a pleasant respite from it all. Lately, however, it looks increasingly likely that professional sports is slipping into the same abyss, joining academia, media and other American institutions in embracing and projecting a far-left agenda while silencing those who seek to speak of issues more appealing to centrists and conservatives. Examples are abundant: In 2016, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick launched a campaign of disrespect for our American flag and national anthem by kneeling during the anthem. The NFL has refused to prohibit the act, which has offended many NFL fans and especially American veterans, and is offering no leadership in defense of the American flag or anthem. More recently, in violation of their collective bargaining agreement with the NBA, the Milwaukee Bucks this past week boycotted their playoff game against the Orlando Magic in protest of the non-lethal shooting of Jacob Blake, who “forcefully fought” law enforcement in Kenosha, Wisconsin, according to a Kenosha law enforcement statement. Meanwhile, attempts by athletes and team management to express political views inconsistent with the far-left, such as supporting the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong or honoring police officers killed on duty by a sniper, have been shot down and even criticized by league management, demonstrating the mounting double standard and far-left bias within professional sports.

Biden’s 47 Swamp Years | After 47 years at the highest levels of our federal government, Biden all of a sudden has many criticisms of the nation he has helped govern over the past century but few explanations on why he didn’t do much to address them when he had the chance. A close look at Biden’s 47-year governmental track record reveals several themes that warrant broader attention. First, Biden has for decades lied routinely about the most basic things, including details on his education, promises on how he would vote, and stating that he was supported consistently by organizations that actually never supported him once. This flagrant dishonesty is a disturbing and constant trend in Biden’s career, likely reflecting broader personal character deficiencies. Additionally, in a close look at his 47-year career, there is not one prominent legislative or policy accomplishment that stands out as much of an accomplishment. Biden has been successful in obtaining and maintaining positional authority for himself but totally unsuccessful in aiding the constituents he was sent to Washington, D.C. to represent. Most recently, Biden was vice president in an administration that campaigned in 2008 on uplifting the poor but ultimately left them much poorer than they were after eight years of governance (millions more Americans at the poverty level and on food stamps). Biden also etched a role in history as being part of the first administration in American history to fail to reach three percent gross domestic product growth in even one of its eight years of governance, suggesting he has no solution for sparking economic growth. Biden now returns yet again, this time asking the American people for another four years on top of the 47 he has already been granted. It’s time to recognize that there is nothing in Biden’s record and now new concerns (a far-left agenda and base and questions about his diminished mental faculty) that suggest he is unsuitable for the most difficult and demanding job in the world. American voters likely will begin to witness and consider this as the fall campaign heats up, improving Trump’s reelection prospects.

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