When Donald Trump started articulating his ideas regarding Making America Great Again, they were music to my ears especially after eight destructive years of the Muslim Traitor in Chief Barack Hussein Obama.

Any decent and patriotic American (excluding those who suffer from ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’) should NEVER support the treasonous members of the Democrat party and their RINO supporters.

In about 16 months (the allegedly STUPID) President Donald J Trump achieved many of his promises before he was elected against ALL ODDS.

  1. Defied all the so called ‘experts’ who predicted the End of the World Economically and Politically if elected
  2. Used Twitter to directly communicate with the American public making the Fake News Media irrelevant
  3. Since he is NOT a politician but a business mogul, he applied his own (The Art of the Deal) to run the USA as a corporation to make NOT lose money
  4. He has been proving to both Friends and Enemies that he is a Man of his Word; no false Red Lines but direct, aggressive retaliation upon America’s enemies and substantial support for her real allies
  5. He never bowed to any other leader nor apologised for anything the USA has done
  6. He believes (as I do) in America’s EXCEPTIONALISM
  7. America’s borders (like the borders of every sovereign country) cannot and must never be violated by any entity or so called ‘refugees’ without being lawfully processed like hundreds of million who came to the USA for 200 years
  8. Trump understands that judicious Might is the best provision for Peace because the weak will inherit the Earth (six feet under)
  9. For the last 60 years or more, previous presidents neglected (for whatever reason) to put America’s interest first thus causing tens of millions of job losses and for American industries sourcing out of the USA
  10. At this moment, there is the highest number of workers than at any time in the last 17 years. More African and Hispanic Americans have jobs than ever
  11. The economy is booming and business confidence is the highest in over 17 years
  12. More Americans have received bonuses and increased wages than in the last 10 years or more
  13. He attacked Bashar al Assad’s military in Syria twice because of alleged use of Chemical weapons against civilians unlike the spineless Obama
  14. Since 1995 every President promised to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Every president LIED about but not Trump
  15. When the despicable Organized Crime Syndicate of the UN tried to subvert this issue, Trump stood against ALL of the UN and won. More and more states are moving their embassies to Jerusalem
  16. Trump is giving Back Bone to all those who despise the elites ruling them in Europe, Iran and all over the world
  17. More and more European countries are turning NATIONALIST and Patriotic against the leftist criminal elites ruling them such as: Italy, Austria, Hungary, Check Republic, Slovenia, Poland and others
  18. Because of Trump, the Canadian Liberal Trudeau’s party was Wiped Out this week by a Canadian Trump called Doug Ford
  19. Because of Trump’s standing vis a vis Fundamentalist Muslims, the new Austrian leader has closed 6 mosques and is deporting over 60 treasonous imams
  20. Because of Trump, millions more in Europe are trying to throw away the shackles of Political Correctness, gone utterly insane
  21. Because of Trump, about a month ago (not a single USA or EU major media informed their peoples) that 100,000 Iranians in a football stadium in the heart of Iran chanted in unison ‘Rest your soul Reza Pahlavi’ regarding the previous Shah of Iran against the Mullahs who have been oppressing them for 40 years
  22. Even at the G-7 meeting, it was Trudeau who stabbed the USA in the back but got his reward from Trump in tweets that Trudeau will regret for the rest of his miserable life
  23. Kim Jong Un is not a fool. He has not survived so far because he is stupid. He has been watching and dealing with Trump for the last 16 months and he 100% should know that Trump will utterly destroy his military if he does not conform. It was pure genius that Trump unilaterally cancelled the meeting two weeks ago when he felt that Kim is being dishonest. Kim came back because he must know that he has the best chance of survival with Trump than with any other leader on the planet
  24. Trump has repeatedly said that the meeting may fizzle, and that it may take a few more meetings to solve the intractable problems of the last 60 years; or if they click (Trump said that he will know within minutes of meeting Kim if the vibrations are positive or not)
  25. Trump gave credit to President Xi of China for helping bring Kim to the table and this is WHY he needed to be less aggressive against the Chinese ZTE company
  26. If and when the North Korean issue is resolved, the Mullahs of Iran will have nightmares because they will most certainly be in Trump’s Cross Hairs. With them will be Hamas, Hezbollah and the so called PalestiniansLadies and gentlemen, if Kim becomes Trump’s friend, North Korea, South East Asia and the world in general will ALL benefit.

From all of the above, how is it possible to hate and insult a man who proves himself every single day more honest, more patriotic, more rational and more correct than ALL his so called ‘expert’ opponents?

His unhinged opponents (by the way the latest under estimating polls showing Trump has better support at this juncture than either Obama or Reagan) are literally self-destructing every single day by their asinine, foul mouthed, despicable, hate mongering attacks against him thus alienating more and more Americans so that they will be guaranteeing his re-election with a land slide in 2020.

God Bless America & President Trump