The fabled Godfather, Vito Corleone, must be smiling from above and proud of Donald Trump. He gave the Senate an offer that they couldn’t refuse.

We often think of a Presidential Veto as something used against an overreaching powerful proposed legislation. 

However, in the latest use of The President’s first ever Veto, it was actually used to prevent under reaching proposed “legislation” or what the President and his advisors determined would weaken the Security of the United States. 

The Senate underplayed The “Emergency” enough to garner the votes to undermine the President’s executive order. 

The balance of power, as determined by the Constitution, however, this requires that the Senate garner two-thirds to override the Presidential Veto. Not to be.

The first and foremost duty of a President is to protect its Citizens from enemies foreign and domestic. This particular problem at a Border is actually a combination of both. 

It involves Foreign illegal immigration which is simultaneously creating domestic drug, gang and human trafficking risks and also creates undo financial obligations to illegals, which affect American Citizens. 

This double whammy surely makes the Senate’s position untenable.

Precedent dating back to the 1976 National emergencies act, legalize Presidential determination that an emergency exists. 

The previous President issued emergency declarations numerous times of the “Foreign” variety, in far away places, without resistance.

This one is much closer to home. It is home!

It’s speaks to the same dogged determination to resist the Will of the People, and obstruct a duly sitting President. Luca Brazzi is shaking his head.

It’s the same lame Political maneuvering that we have witnessed over the past 3 years and won’t even delay the allocation of funds approved in the Budget to fortify the Southern Border. This was not even a good try.

Love RayRay and a Poem

Veto Corleone

The power of Veto
Is a sight to behold
Watching the leverage
How the Balance of power unfolds

Their House is ablaze
They’re singed and they’re miffed
They refused to acknowledge
That an Emergency exists 

They thought they could shake him
Undo what he’s done
Tie up his Money
The Wall they’d unfund

So They counted their numbers
The Rhinos took part
Joining the Enemy
Was not very smart

Someone remind them
Just how it goes
It takes two-thirds of the Senate
To overturn his Veto

So they’re back to square one
Appalled by his pen
Huddled and frazzled
Plotting revenge

He’s Just like The Godfather
Some might say he abused
Citing the Constitution
Like an offer they cannot refuse

Written by RayRay 3/17/19©️