It is a great tragedy that most of the world ‘leaders’ in politics, media, clergy and academia have been repeatedly underestimating President Trump’s sagacity was what I indicated in my previous article “Trump: 3D Chess Master”.

I shall prove to you in very short, but hopefully very deadly articles, based entirely upon Facts, Reality and Logic avoiding all unnecessary and clouding Emotions.

Let us examine the President’s remark to the TDS “Squad” of Ilhan, Rashida, AOC and Ayanna.

According to Politically Correct dimwit minds, the President is a RACIST for what he said.

What race are these women beyond the human race?

Ilhan is original African/ Somali.

Rashida is Arab/ Caucasian Semite.

AOC is Puerto Rican/ Caucasian Latina.

Ayanna is mixed blood.

Did the President address their colour, their race, their gender, their religion, their political affiliations or ONLY the contents of their ideas and thoughts?

Although they are American citizens, they most definitely show how much they despise if not hate most of its people, its history and its institutions. In almost 80% of the countries on Earth today, they would be called TRAITORS and put on trial such as in Ilhan’s Somalia and Rashida’s “Palestine”.

Commonsense would also have said to the President “Why the hell did you send your tweet thus circling the Democrat wagon when they were slaughtering each other”?

Common sense is NOT always the Sensible sense. It is of course true that the Democrats were butchering each other. The ‘old guard’ of the Democrats led by Pelosi were trying their utmost to distance themselves from the Extreme Leftism of the Squad. Pelosi and the majority of the Democrat leaders were eying the American CENTRE for 2020.

The genius of President Trump knew very well that this is not good for his 2020 re-election. He calculated correctly that by tweeting “Go back to your countries”, almost ALL the democrats will come to the ‘rescue’ of the Squad – whom the President beautifully and perfectly appropriately re-named “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” – by circling the wagons around them.

President Trump thus, with a single Tweet moved ALL the Democrats to the Extreme Left cornering themselves away from America’s Centre losing the support of tens of millions of votes at a stoke.

The President’s opponents in the Media, Politics, Academia and even Clergy have been under estimating his intellect, his wisdom, his tenacity and his acumen at their peril and this is another one of his – Chess Move in 3 Dimensions – that will add another nail in the coffin of the Democrat Party.

I shall be grateful for any and all better or different explanations.