Former Vice President Al Gore is in the news again, criticizing President Donald Trump for not changing his stance on climate change after the two met in 2016.

Gore told ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl on Sunday, “I did think at the time that there was a chance he might change on climate when presented with the facts. I was clearly wrong about that… He doesn’t want to change on it.”

That’s a good thing, of course, since an unbiased examination of recent climate change tells us that there is no crisis at all. Speaking at the 13th International Conference on Climate Change held on July 25th in Washington, D.C., Dr. Roy W. Spencer of the University of Alabama in Huntsville said, “There is no climate emergency. Even if all of the warming we’ve seen in any observational data set is due to increasing CO2 (carbon dioxide), which I don’t believe it is, it’s probably too small for any person to feel in their lifetime.”

Nevertheless, since leaving office, Al Gore has leveraged his high visibility and awards largely related to the Climate Delusion into a personal fortune worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He must be laughing all the way to the bank, realizing he has contributed to a panicked Democratic Congress calling a climate emergency, fearing that the general public is beginning to recognize the absurdity of it all. When accused of having a huge carbon dioxide footprint due to flying a private jet all over the world, he responded, “I don’t have a private jet. I live a carbon-free lifestyle.”

The first part is true, he does not own the jet; he leases it. The second part is a real howler. The National Center for Public Policy Research reported that his Tennessee home consumes 21 times that electricity of the average American family. The electricity used to heat his swimming pool alone would power six homes.

Wikipedia expands on this theme, Additionally, Gore owns two other residences – a penthouse in San Francisco and a farmhouse in Carthage, Tennessee – making his carbon footprint even larger than what was reported. Gore’s Nashville home actually classifies as an ‘energy hog’ under standards developed by Energy Vanguard.”

Al Gore’s lifestyle can hardly be described as ‘carbon [dioxide]free.’ Regardless, the former vice-president continues to bamboozle the public by using the scary word ‘carbon’ (think soot, coal dust) instead of the correct term, carbon dioxide (CO2), which is the breath of life.

One naturally wonders whether Gore spends much time worrying about the extent to which he is supposedly destroying the planet. Is he concerned about how much CO2 he emits into the upper atmosphere as he flies around the world? Does he feel guilty about the $70 million deposited into his personal bank accounts from the sale of his Current TV network to AlJazeera (owned by the oil-rich nation of Qatar)? Does he lose sleep at night thinking about all of the low and middleincome families that have been made ‘energy poor’ as a result of the energy policies that he espouses? Apparently not.

Unlike many of his loyal followers who have become nervous wrecks over the ‘climate crisis,’ Gore appears to be serenely composed. Perhaps this is because he must know that:

  1. the world really isn’t being destroyed by global warming, and
  2. that he is a member of the privileged ruling elite class that will always be immune to the draconian policies the global warming movement is inflicting on the United States and the world.

His only real worry must be whether he can continue to earn huge fees by serving as the primary spokesman for the climate change movement. For example, The Australian newspaper reported on June 18th that “the appearance fee he received [for a training course in Australia] [was] estimated to be $320,000, paid for by Queensland taxpayers.”

Of course, money is just one of many motives driving the global warming movement. For the scientific community, another is selfpreservation. Even the most objective scientist cannot fail to recognize that:

  1. most of the unelected bureaucrats in charge of federal research funding and government laboratories are now progressive socialists
  2. most of the professors at major colleges and universities in control of the peer review process are progressive socialists
  3. most of the editors at major publishing houses and media outlets are progressive socialists
  4. many administrators and teachers within the public school system are progressive socialists

Therefore, scientists know that they must be careful to exhibit ‘politically correct’ behavior in order to survive. Anyone who dares challenge the cornerstones of the Climate Delusion will be viciously attacked. If they are labeled ‘climate deniers’ it will be difficult for them to obtain research funding, publish papers, or even stay employed.

The reality is that global warming is a political rather than a scientific issue and has nothing to do with ‘saving the planet.’ A clear demonstration of this is provided in the text of the 2015 Paris Agreement, which states that climate action must include concern for “gender equality, empowerment for women, and intergenerational equity” as well as “climate justice.” Governments around the world are being advised that all of these steps must be implemented in order to mitigate the evils of global warming.

The socialist leaders of the movement believe that everyone should be controlled by a massive allseeing and allknowing communistic government. To them, capitalism and free markets are evil. Personal freedom and democracy are a threat. The United States represents the primary embodiment of these attributes. America is an evil empire that needs to be destroyed. As America is currently too strong to be defeated militarily, its destruction must be accomplished from within.

The climate change community is constantly warning people that the Earth is approaching a ‘tipping point’ beyond which it will be beyond saving. In reality, democratic societies may be approaching a tipping point beyond which the damage caused by the global warming movement becomes irreversible.

We will eventually save the planet from the climate change movement, because there are still scientists willing to challenge their fraudulent claims. It is fortunate that archival temperature records still exist that show that the Earth’s climate has been oscillating due to natural solar cycles rather than warming due to fossil fuel emissions. We also have access to satellite records from orbital sensors that scan the entire globe to obtain accurate climate information in spite of attempts by the climate delusion community to control, manipulate, and pervert this data. It remains unfortunate that government agencies such as NASA and NOAA continue to block free and open access to their data and their methods.   

All physical evidence confirms that the temperature fluctuations experienced by the Earth in modern times are due to natural causes such as solar cycles rather than fossil fuel emissions. The falsification of climate data is absolutely essential for the survival of the global warming movement.

If the climate isn’t actually rapidly warming, then all other claims of the movement are exposed for the lies that they are. The Emperor has no clothes. From a purely factual perspective, the science of global warming is indeed settled. Let’s hope President Trump continues to ignore Al Gore’s advice and keeps up his efforts to debunk the climate scare.

Note: portions of this essay have been excerpted with permission of the author and publishers of “The Mythology of Global Warming” by Dr. Bruce Bunker and Moonshine Cove Press.