Trump Says YES! – The invite came from a most unlikely place…North Korea. Kim Jong un extends an invite to Trump to meet and with one word the President changes the entire narrative to a crisis that had the world on edge. South Korea says it’s “like a miracle”. Now the questions; what is the motivation and the sudden change of temperament from the North Korean leader? He has done these fake head-turns many times before, what makes this time different? Ilana Freedman and Dennis Santiago will provide a perspective you will want to hear.

AG Sessions Sues CA – Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the U.S. filed suit in Federal Court in Sacramento against the State of California for infringement upon federal laws related to immigration and interference of federal officers performing their duties related to immigration law. Governor Jerry Brown had his own thoughts, “Look, we know the Trump administration is full of liars”. What is the end game for California, what do they gain from millions of illegals? Agnes Gibboney and Ben Bergquam from Fight Sanctuary State are here for a most interesting talk on what is behind this historic fight with the federal government?

ROUNDTABLE PANEL: Counsel for FISA, NRA Sues Florida, Jobs – AG Sessions for the first time–said that he was indeed considering a second Special Counsel to investigate the FISA abuse that has dominated the headlines in recent weeks. Florida Lawmakers rushed to create and pass a measure in response to the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in which 17 people were brutally murdered. The NRA responded with a lawsuit. Will Justice Kennedy retire later this year? Economy ticks upward with a positive jobs report. George McClellan and Dennis Santiago are here to cover the hottest news stories of the week.


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