The Communist/Globalist/Democrats are master manipulators of the English language. They change definitions in order to prove their message. They think nothing of lying to achieve their goals. The Right on the other hand sucks at messaging. Their inability to message has cost them election after election. The Right constantly says, ”Read the information and make your own conclusion.“ This is not good messaging. Too bad the original Left and the original Right could not get together. Imagine if the truth of the success in the Red states was messaged properly. San Francisco might actually get cleaned up.

Enter President Trump, a child of the 60’s who learned to be the master of messaging. He knows what to say and how to say it so it resonates with Americans. To make matters worse for Communist/Globalist/Democrats, Trump tells it like it is. This represents a clear and present danger to the Communist/Globalist/Democrats and this is why he is hated. Opposition is never tolerated in a Communist/Globalist/Democrats world. 

This is nothing new. What is new is who is protesting. Go back and look at history. What we are experiencing now is the same as what we experienced in the 60’s. Only the kids have grown up and had kids and grandkids who have become the messengers. The target of the Communist/Globalist/Democrats was and will always be, the students. I remember as a college student we were taught to be activists. We marched and protested. Communist Jane Fonda took the lead. The students who grew up with Jane and supported her are now bureaucrats. AOC is their role model. The Communist/Globalist/Democrats Academics designed the system we are living with today.

Our major protest in the 60-70’s was the Vietnam War. Wonder why the Vietnam War was hardly mentioned by the media? The soldiers were and still are demonized. They were told NOT to talk about their experiences. Why? Perhaps because they came home with a full dose of real communism and no Communist/Globalist/Democrat wanted that known. It is hard to change history if a group of people know the truth. The Vietnam War was a war by draft. However as with all horrific programs there are exceptions. Teaching was an exception.

The Draft Deferment Test was started in the US as a way for students to convince the Draft Board that they would serve the nation better in the quiet of the Classrooms than in the Jungles of Vietnam. What did this mean? 

Teaching was a draft exempt career. More men entered the teaching profession than ever before. From the 30’s to the 60’s the face of education changed as the American Universities were filled with Communist/Globalist educators who escaped from Hitler’s Germany. 

What better way to radicalize students then to force them into the teaching profession where they learned to become Communist/Globalist and then Democrats. By learning to teach John Dewey’s feel good – modern education, the focus was the collective not the individual. These students were told to forget facts. If it feels good–do it. These unsuspecting students were taught that all teaching must include the collective and its affect on the environment studies. The environment was all that matters. The individual does not matter unless they are part of the collective. According to the Communist/Globalist/Democrats every curricula was to include, “Environment for the Common Good”. Without realizing it, these unsuspecting “new” teachers were dosed in communism and taught to spread the word. The people of the 60’s are the leaders in our government today. As long as we “tolerate their lies” they will continue and eventually win as each new communist graduating class votes. 

In the 60-80’s we used music to communicate. The artists, especially the English used music to communicate and warn what they saw coming.

Top 10 Protest Songs from the 1960s – talked about topics like war, poverty, race, women, civil rights with the solution of love not war. Being tolerant was more important than the truth. Today’s students are taught to hate. Communication through the music of 2000’s is about hate. When did that change?  

By the time we hit the 90’s, science, language, math curricula had morphed into Environmental Sustainability in Math, or Literature, or Science. The texts reinforced the climate theory: “Environmental Science”, “Down to Earth Global Warming”, “Rescue Mission Planet Earth”. The earth is being destroyed and the humans are at fault was the message. Hate for humans who disagreed became more radicalized. Communist/Globalist/Democrat love to control by fear.  

What is sustainability? Does anyone know? According to Gro Harlem Bruntland (Hillary’s BFF) “Following the 1983 World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED), chaired by Gro Harlem Brundtland, a 1987 report named ‘Our Common Future’ was published, defining Sustainable Development as: ‘development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” Therefore, Sustainability promotes a NO GROWTH lifestyle. Remember America under no growth Obama? Obama was following the plan. Climate change we learned is really about Money, Power, Control. But the students believe the lies regardless of what we prove. Trump is in the way.   

By focusing of feelings and the environment, students were led to believe that they can control the weather by giving up plastic straws. They learned that the weather, not in their control, is in their control. They and their parents are screwing up the planet. Therefore students must hate anyone, especially their parents, who are not in line with them. What happened to tolerance?

Because of the poor science background, the Communist/Globalist/Democrats Academics can tell the students anything and they will be believed. Phonics and cursive writing helping eye hand coordination and reading was eliminated through Common Core. Today 47% of Americans can’t read so believing the teacher, the leader is all they can do. Math, a universal language was changed to feeling good about math. 

Massive confusion due to lack of communication, lack of precision, lack of understanding of percentages, ratios, proportions, allowed the environment, pollution and weather to become one and the same. They are collectively called the Climate Change. Climate Change has become the new religion. 

The majority was taught to be the silent majority? Will you remain silent? 

2020 must be the year of action. We MUST TAKE BACK OUR YOUNG.

If you have not seen the Ricky Gervais, Golden Globes monologue please do so and share with your snowflakes. Notice Ricky Gervais, was not booed. Why? Because he spoke with humor. Humor is the best way to get into the heads of the Communist/Globalist/Democrats. Humor they understand. Why not share this with your millennials? 

Is America Worth Saving? Will you give Communist/Globalist/Democrats your young! Saying nothing is complying. 

  • Education – Data is in. Common Core has brought us the worst in education. America’s students: hate, are now socialists and are years below world averages. Regardless, those who promoted Common Core: DeVos, Bush, Gates, CFR (Council on Foreign Relations)  and the UN are now promoting another program called Work Force. This is common core with a new name. Schools teach hate by showing only the dark side of America. History has been changed. Mediocrity not Excellence is dominant. Will you let these people fool you again? Shame on you! What’s in your school? CFR Pushes Central Planning to Fuse Education With Economy.
  • Climate Change – Hoax of the century. Nothing more than a plan to redistribute wealth. Instead of preparing and teaching about safety during weather events, we are told changing weather is the fault of HUMANS. Impossible, but without proper science students (now legislators) are led to believe they can affect the weather. Therefore, if we tax ourselves into oblivion, and give up fossil fuels all will be saved. Huge LIE. No fossil fuels (which burns clean – no pollution) means no ENERGY. America goes back to dark ages. No air conditioning, no phones, computers, heat, glass, autos and etc. Life as we know it will be gone. Ask your millennial what they are willing to give up?

CO2 is the problem. Rubbish. CO2 only .03% of the atmosphere is not a good green house gas. CO2 has a specific gravity of 1.53 which means it is heavier than air and falls to the ground. When on the ground it is absorbed by plants – remember plants are our food. The Communist/Globalist/Democrats tell us constantly how there is not enough food for all the humans on earth. If you want food shortages eliminate CO2. Mission accomplished.

Try this:  Serve your millennial a meal then take away three-quarters of the meal. Tell them NO CO2, no food. NO soda, beer or wine either since all are filled with CO2 (try take away when they are tailgating.) I bet your millennial has no idea what they are drinking. Soda, beer or wine are carbonated, Carbonated water is CO2. Students are drinking CO2 yet the Communist/Globalist/Democrat teachers told them CO2 is a toxic beverage. How is that possible? Why are we not shutting down all soda, wine, beer establishments for contributing to the CO2 problem? Why not sue them? Could it be these industries are untouchable because they are owned by Communist/Globalist/Democrats? Like Nancy’s winery.

Greenpeace Co-Founder: Global Warming ‘Is A Complete Hoax And Scam’.

Did you know Environmentalist, Billionaire, Tom Steyer made his money in COAL? Oh how they lie. Maurice Strong, one of the environmentalists responsible for Agenda 21 made his money selling oil. Communist/Globalist/Democrat hate competition. 

To Save America, we can not just rely on President Trump. We must do our part. We must tell the truth, communicate with humor, ask questions and correct all lies. Today there are more of us than them. The Communist/Globalist/Democrats are only a small part of America and they need illegals to vote or they will lose. The media is in their pocket so it appears they are a massive group. They are not. It is up to us to keep it that way. 

Feel free to contact me and share what you are doing to make sure your millennial gets a good dose of the truth.