Trump, a canny businessman, not a politician, peeked into US politics’ broken state and didn’t like what he was witnessing. He didn’t imagine any such nonsense as a Camelot! He saw the American government wasn’t governing at all; it operated as a social services relief agency for third world countries and, apparently, still is.

King Arthur had been the ultimate symbol of light vs. darkness and good vs. evil. The question is: was he real? Like Arthur, Kennedy was killed by his internal enemies, his spirit not to return until Donald Trump showed up on the scene in 2016 and upset their turnip wagon. President Trump cut taxes, created millions of jobs, lowered unemployment to historic levels, created a roaring economy; gave a second chance to first-time offenders imprisoned for non-violent crimes; and raised the standard-of-living for most Americans across the country. 

Then, in the fourth year of Trump’s presidency, the Chinese virus, COVID-19, attacked the world and nearly brought America to its knees. The Camelot that was being created under his hand began to disappear rapidly. 

Today, the White House, the castle of Camelot, doesn’t have a mote, but it sits amid the very center of a smelly deep swamp. JFK wasn’t an Arthur; he was the son of an Irish bootlegger. I take nothing away from his political skills, cultural refinement, and military heroism, and, by today’s standards, he was probably a better Conservative than any we have today.

Ilana Freedman is a veteran intelligence analyst, political commentator, and host of The Freedman Report. George McClellan is a Historian and Political Analyst; his professional career spans 43 years in Law Enforcement and the US Naval Investigative Service.

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