For years now, even decades the Democrat Party has run roughshod over Republicans in Washington, D.C. Republicans have rolled over and played dead on most of the contentious issues whenever the Democrats turn up the heat. It’s as though the Republicans are afraid of and unwilling to go ‘toe-to-toe’ with the Democrats. The Democrats for their part are quite pleased to be in the position of always controlling the debate. And they will continue to try to do so as long as the Republicans – and the news media – will allow it.

That was until President Donald J. Trump stepped into the picture. After pushing previous Republican presidents around for years the Democrats ran into someone who pushes back. A fighter, a president who is not a typical Republican politician who cowers when confronted by the Democrat and news media machine in Washington. President Trump plays the political game by a different set of rules, some he makes up as he goes. And as long as they make sense – which most do – that’s fine with me.

Watching the ongoing political attacks against the Republicans as a political party, and against President Trump in particular⏤it’s obvious that the Democrats are playing the same stale tune over and over. Lie, lie, and then lie again. They know full well that a complicit news media will provide them cover.

It’s pretty obvious that the Democrats have all signed onto the Marxist – Alinsky strategy of telling the same lies over and over again, hoping that they eventually become the truth for enough voters to sway the election. A strategy that was also put to very effective use by Josef Goebbels, the former Minister of Propaganda for Nazi Germany.

Ironic that after all the comparisons of President Trump to Hitler by those particularly rabid Trump-hating Hollywood ‘celebrities’, it’s actually the Democrats who are using the tactics put to use so successfully by the Nazi Minister of Propaganda.

I seem to recall former President George W. Bush also being on the receiving end of countless personal attacks and vitriol from the Democrats and the Hollywood left during his two terms in office, including numerous comparisons made of Bush to Hitler.

Then again considering that the American Democrat Party is now in reality the Socialist-Democrat Party⏤it’s not surprising that they would use the same tactics. After all, their party has been completely taken over by radical socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who are both committed to their ‘communism-light’ movement much more so than they are committed to preserving the United States of America.

The current standard-bearer for the Socialist-Democrats, Joe Biden is completely clueless about what the ultimate goals of his party are. Good ole Joe seems to think that he will be able to control their communist urges if he’s elected.

What ole Joe doesn’t understand is that Barack H. Obama, a committed communist who strove so hard to “fundamentally transform” the United States during his eight years in office, will in effect be Biden’s shadow president. Obama will make the decisions during any Biden Administration, certainly not Sleepy, Creepy Joe Biden.

How any former American military and intelligence officials can support Joe Biden over President Trump simply baffles me. 

They above anyone else should know that once Communism gains a foothold in a country it spreads rapidly, and completely. There’s no turning back the clock short of armed intervention by citizens. Which is why the Socialist-Democrats are so determined to disarm Americans.

To vote against Trump and support Biden simply because they don’t like President Trump’s ‘in your face’ style is absolute madness. Trump fights back when he takes a hit, which is a much different approach to what Republicans have always done.

We’re not voting for personalities in this election, we’re voting for the future of the United States of America. As for me personally, I prefer a fighter to someone who waves the white flag.

Image: AP