Now that the Mueller Investigation was a bust, the frustrated Democrats are trying yet again to impeach POTUS Trump. This time over a “whistleblower’s’ unsupported accusation that POTUS Trump tried to pressure the Ukrainians to investigate whether for VP Joe Biden’s son was involved in inappropriate business dealings with the Ukrainians and the Russians. Next, former ICE Director Tom Holman fired back at hypocritical Congress members who chastised him and ICE, claiming that the ICE detention centers mirrored the death camps of Nazi Germany. Finally, DrRon and Linda take CA politicians to task for attempting to pilfer $1.75 billion dollars from SB-1 and Prop 69 gas tax revenue. The couple discusses the tragic, senseless murder of a Harris County (TX) deputy at the hands of a violent felon out of early parole and more in this edition of “Talking While Married.”

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