As a columnist and commentator for America Out Loud, both prior to and during the course of Donald Trump’s presidency I’ve written and talked about the “Trump Doctrine” as it applies to his implementation of America’s national security and foreign policies. What hasn’t been specifically addressed is the fact that he uses the same methodology and strategy to craft not only his domestic policies, but he uses a similar framework, tactics, and methods to achieve the desired end-state for his political battles, against both the challenges to his administration and its policies, and if necessary against specific political enemies.

Certainly, many of the tools at his disposal include; varying forms of strategic communications, social media, PSYOP, manipulation, secrecy, distraction, and strategic patience and pause. All of which are well orchestrated, planned, and strategically and systematically played. Further, in reference to this is the impact of the strategic imperative — that is, translating strategy into specific, meaningful tactics, linking strategy to in essence, the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) that President Trump will use when targeting his opponents.

While many don’t recognize this, I have had numerous opportunities to explain to many how to better understand what President Trump is up to. In doing so, I address the fact that they will never actually see or hear about the actual plan, what is, or strategy being played out. The reason is both the actual deception being used and the artificial wide-ranging distractions of the mainstream media, the political pundits, and those of Mr. Trump’s opponents themselves who try to explain ‘what they think is going on’ and are just as clueless. In fact, the purveyors of fake news actually provide a smoke screen for Trumps stealth-like efforts. Instead of trying to do real reporting and journalism, the chasers of their delusional crap tend to take the political-left and mainstream media in somewhat of the opposite direction, preventing them from ever getting the story. At the same time, they still tend to use traditional Washington ‘conventional wisdom’ that no longer applies or works when dealing with Donald Trump. And let me also say that Trump knows this all too well.

Further, President Trump, in carrying out his doctrine, he must be astutely and strategically creative to find and explore ways to work around anything, albeit legally and within the law, he needs to politically, legislatively, albeit legally and within the law of course, to accommodate and accomplish what’s necessary to preserve American safety and security, the laws of the land, the Constitution, the American Dream, and of course his mantra to make and keep America successful and great. And he is and he knows it.

Even after the loss of Republican control and leadership of U.S. House following this month’s Mid-Term Elections, I believe Trump had in fact, planned and strategized for that potential possibility. I also believe he perhaps actually envisioned and welcomed it primarily as a way and a process of self-cleaning the House (no pun intended) to remove the now 59-members that did not support him and his Conservative and Constitutional-based agenda. This tells me and it also reveals he had and has potential plans for winning it back in 2020, but with more Conservative principled candidates who will be supportive of his long-term goals and strategy for America. That of course is a topic of separate and distinct future article.

How might the Trump Doctrine Play out?

So what can we anticipate President Trump to do over the course of the next two years – the second half of his first term. While, losing the House comes with critical shortfalls, certainly giving the Democrats control of the legislative body and its investigative process is a major concern, however, don’t lose sight yet of what President Trump may have in store and is capable of doing. Since he no longer has the U.S. House and its committees to investigate the Democrats and political-left; he has 1.) the ‘federal courts,’ 2.) the Department of Justice (DoJ), and 3.) even the highly aggressive private investigative organization Judicial Watch to query and research unethical and criminal activity by those who want to take down his administration, challenge U.S. law, the Constitution, harm America, and or taken him down. These options that are again available to him, will also allow President Trump to win back the U.S. House in 2020, with vengeance!

In the remaining days of this Congress, at the same time, he still can depend on the House and he also has time until January 3, 2019, before the new Democrat controlled House takes office. With that, there are a series of plans and options at stake to address and take care of a number of key cases, which we’ll address shortly. As noted, while the U.S. House Republicans only have a majority for a few more days, I believe they’re determined to put it to good use. For one, it has been well telegraphed the Democrats plan to keep pushing the phony Russia Collusion investigation, but they are only doing so to as an effort to distract from the skeletons in their own closet that Trump knows about all too well from being revealed to Americans.

So, here is why and how this will potentially occur. Recall a number of months back that President Trump called out this double-standard in a tweet, calling the Russia Collusion investigation a “witch hunt,” and condemned those leading it of trying to hide their own crimes. But also remember one of the Democrats’ biggest crimes was the FBI and Justice Department’s total mismanagement of the Clinton Email probe, which Obama and his administration likely may have helped cover-up. From that it has been determined that two key players have been involved in that actual cover-up, but now they’re going to get grilled.

Going forward, realize this – wait for it, I am quite confident President Trump took this into consideration, strategized and likely orchestrated through his lawyers the contingency to deal with it as necessary. Again, part of potentially many options under the Trump Doctrine. As we say over the past several days the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee, in its final days in power, just issued subpoenas to both former FBI Director James Comey and President Barack Obama’s attorney general Loretta Lynch, according to sources.

As we saw, the Judicial Committee under Chairman, Republican Representative Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, will issued the subpoenas for Mr. Comey to appear for a closed-door session/hearing deposition on November 29th, and for Ms. Lynch is scheduled to appear a week later on December 5th.

Understand, these House Judiciary Committee interviews are part of the House Republican investigation into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton Email probe and the Russia Collusion investigation. Which by now, as you will recall were under the investigate jurisdiction of FBI investigative agent, Peter Strozk, he as it appears now slow rolled and more than likely contribute to and was directive to cover it up.

If Mr. Comey and Ms. Lynch are successfully indicted for their crimes, it can be ascertained – that it would only be a matter of time before former President Obama and Hillary Clinton would be next. The reason being, both Mr. Comey and Ms. Lynch most certainly in an effort to protect themselves from being indicted, charged, and potentially sentenced, would implicate, blame and potentially testify against the former President and former Secretary of State. Most certainly, Mr. Comey and Ms. Lynch would reveal and finger those two to protect their own assess for their own political viability and reputations.

Another opportunity would to turn to the use of the Federal Courts. As we witnessed, just two week ago, a federal judge ordered former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to answer five questions she has deliberately avoided for years about her use of a private email server. Clinton now has less than 30-days to answer the following series of questions: 1.) Who decided to create the system?  2.) When was it created?  3.) Why was it created?  4.) Who set it up? and  5.) When did it become operational?

Next is the use of DoJ since it appears it is now safe once again to trust internal operations since now former Attorney General Jeff Session cleaned House. That was his primary job, albeit behind the scenes. Because of that, now the House Republicans plan to hold hearing into DOJ’s probe of Clinton Foundation. Following-up on this, Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) pointed out this week that House Republicans plan to hear testimony on December 5th from the prosecutor appointed by Jeff Sessions to probe alleged wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation.

Congressman Meadows, who is chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Government Operations, recently said that it’s time to “circle back” to U.S. Attorney John Huber’s investigation with the DoJ into whether the Clinton Foundation engaged any improper activities. Mr. Huber with the DoJ and FBI has been having conducting an investigation — with at least part of his task having been to look at the Clinton Foundation and what may or may not have happened as it relates to improper activity with that charitable foundation. Again, that hearing date is now set for December 5th.

In addition, Congressman Meadows, who is also the chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, said the committee plans to delve into a number of Republicans concerns surrounding the foundation, including whether any tax-exempt proceeds were used for personal gain and whether the foundation complied with IRS laws.

While Sessions initially recused himself from the Russian probe, that was in part to provide cover for his internal efforts to clean up the former Obama DoJ. During that period, appointed Huber last year to work in tandem with the DoJ to look into conservative claims of misconduct at the FBI and review several key issues surrounding the Clintons. This includes former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s ties to a Russian nuclear agency and concerns about the Clinton Foundation.

Since then, Huber’s work has remained shrouded in secrecy. The White House has released little information about Huber’s assignment other than Sessions’ address to Congress saying his appointed successor should address concerns raised by Republicans. But Meadows said the committee thinks it’s time Huber gives an update to Congress about his findings and expects him to be one of the witnesses at the hearing.

Meadows also added that his committee is also trying to secure testimonies from whistleblowers who could have more information about potential improprieties surrounding the Clinton Foundation. Further pointing out that “We’re just now starting to work with a couple of whistleblowers that would indicate that there is a great probability of significant improper activity that’s happening in and around the Clinton Foundation.” Of course, the Clinton Foundation meanwhile has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

Again, this effort and move marks House Republicans’ remaining effort to pursue their concerns surrounding the Clinton Foundation before Democrats take back the House in January.

In addition to the House Committee hearings, it was announced on November 14th that U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan regarding questions about her controversial email system. Sullivan decided that the question about the creation of the email system was within the scope of discovery. The Judge also rejected Clinton’s assertion of attorney-client privilege was no longer valid on the question about the emails in the State’s system, because the emails had been removed to her personal private email network.

This hearing and court ruling is the latest development in a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit about the controversial employment status of Huma Abedin, former deputy chief of staff to Clinton. The lawsuit, which seeks records regarding the authorization for Abedin to engage in outside employment while employed by the Department of State, was reopened because of revelations about the The court also granted discovery to Judicial Watch to help determine if and how Clinton’s email system thwarted FOIA.

So, going forward, we continue to observe and see yet more example of the positive actions and steps created to ensure President Trump continues to maintain critical and viable options available to him within the Legislative Branch, the Federal Courts, and even strategic use of the private investigative and research sector.

Considering the potential outcomes, with the subpoenaing of Mr. Comey and Ms. Lynch, hence the Trump Doctrine’s Strategic Imperative – realize timing is critically important, to that end — remember that once Hillary Clinton testifies, it will be only be the first of many dominos to fall.

With that, my hypothesis now is that Hillary and Barack thought they were safe – they don’t have a prayer. Image: [Gage Skidmore/Flickr]