Eight years of the Democrat Barack Hussein Obama has left the most divisive and dastardly legacy to the American people on all fronts: Political, Racial, Ethnic, Social, Medical, Educational, Economic and Religious. Obama’s administration caused more damage to the cohesion of the Republic than 70 years of the Soviet Union.

Under Obama’s watch, the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and the Justice department were corrupted to do his bidding and that of the Democrat party then protecting American citizens.

For 50 years before Trump put down his name for the presidency, not a single human being had accused him of: Racism, Sexism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Xenophobia or Treason until he challenged the Status Quo of all the Political Elites.

All of a sudden, according to Democrats (always in collusion with the Fake Media, Leftists and Liberals), there are no more Americans but only Identity Politics, Political Correctness gone insane and Gender Anarchy of Whites, Blacks, Progressives, Latinos, Asians, Natives, Deplorables, etc. and anyone who disagrees with them must be Racist, Islamophobic, Xenophobic and a Stupid Trumpester; almost 50% of the American people.

Since Trump became president, Democrat leaders, leftist teachers, academicians and the media have succeeded in indoctrinating young Americans and others in believing Pie in the Sky promises such as free education and free healthcare not only to tax paying American citizens but also to Illegals pouring into the USA from Open Borders because they have Human Rights (more than the Human Rights of American Citizens).

The current turmoil and utter insanity exhibited by the topmost political elites of the Democrat party hinges ONLY upon their complete denial of all Facts and Reality that they lost the 2016 election to an upstart who was so underestimated that ALL of them were 98% convinced that Hillary would win. The shock of their loss was so traumatic that they have been suffering from the Trump Derangement Syndrome, ever since.

Since 2016, the Democrats have been doing their worst to unseat a legitimately elected president for only one reason: He is NOT a politician; he is not even a lawyer and most relevant of all, Trump is most assuredly an Alien Creature to the SWAMP hence is an existential threat to its environment.

For three years, the Democrats have done nothing whatsoever in legislating but have been single minded determined only to impeach the president no matter how; especially foul. For three years they had abdicated the jobs for which they were elected.

While these Democrats were undermining the security of the USA and attempting to overthrow the president, and in spite of the most unrelenting, virulent and despicable attacks on President Trump, he has succeeded (AGAINST ALL ODDS) to fulfil most of his promises to the American people that he made before he was elected.

Here are the BLESSINGS of Trump:

A booming economy; the best in decades.

Unsurpassed unemployment figures in fifty years for Blacks, Hispanics and others unshackling them from heart breaking sight of seeing fit human beings standing in line for hours collecting benefits.

The lowest figures of people on food stamps for many years.

More manufacturing jobs have been created and more are coming back to the USA.

Trump unleashed the energies of oil and gas hidden in the bowels of the Earth to make the USA not only independent from being under threat from other energy producers but making the USA among the foremost suppliers thus totally liberating the USA.

Trump removed all the one sided Rules of Engagement imposed by Obama on the military giving all advantages to the enemies of America. By doing so, Americans are retaliating with overwhelming force against their enemies in the battle field. No more grovelling to the UN or any other institution outside the USA.

Trump has been attempting to protect the sovereignty of the Republic by doing his utmost to build a wall that the Democrats have relentlessly and treasonably been opposing at every turn.

Prioritizing and systematising Immigration laws so that only eligible and productive people can become US Citizens.

Re negotiating bilateral economic treaties so that US tax payers are not ripped off.

Forcing America’s allies to contribute more for defence than under any previous president thus reducing the cost of securing them by billions of dollars of American tax payers. For over 70 years, the allies of the USA have been parasitic financially, sucking hundreds of billions of dollars while at the same time standing against her in the UN and in bilateral and global deals.

Had the Democrats been really loyal to the USA, they would not have relentlessly undermined the president regarding his negotiations with Russia, China and North Korea with their shameless attempts at impeachment each of which blew in their faces; yet they continue their charade as if he is truly guilty of something because their irrational hatred supersedes doing their jobs for which they were elected.

For the first time in more than a decade, most Americans are visualising a great future instead of the dark one that Obama asserted was forthcoming.

Now, let me address the CURSES of the Democrats:

The Trump Derangement Syndrome that the Democrats have been suffering for almost four years is so intense that they are not only ignoring the will of most Americans who elected Trump but they are also alienating many of those who used to support them because of their extreme views and stances regarding all of the following:

Insane Economic ideas that will bankrupt the USA forever with abnormal levels of Taxation.

Suppression of free speech especially in universities as well as in the public arena whereby unhinged Democrats physically attack and or insult Trump’s supporters in restaurants and in debate forums.

Every single one of the Democrat contenders for the presidency advocates Open Borders for Illegals. They have completely negated in their perverted mind what ILLEGAL actually means because from their warped perspective, Illegals have more rights than American citizens. The fact that no nation is SOVEREIGN without secure borders does not bother them in the least.

The Democrats’ support for Open Borders in not only Reprehensible but is also unprecedented. Open Borders allows drug dealers, criminals and terrorists to cross into the USA unhindered adding enormously to her internal insecurity. Anyone, from any party who supports Open Borders should be put on trial for Treason.

The Democrats have no inhibitions regarding creating Sanctuary Cities defending Illegals while totally ignoring hundreds of thousands of Homeless Americans and undermining the Rule of Law.

Instead of allowing the President to negotiate with the Russians in good faith, they – who under Obama and Hillary sold 20% of US Uranium to Russia – accuse Trump of being in collusion with Putin to win his election.

Because of their public and unconscionable attempts to remove him from office, they have been signalling to the mortal enemies of the USA such as the Mullahs of Iran, North Korea and others, to wait him out until he is overthrown thus undermining his ability to negotiate from a position of strength.

The agenda of the Democrats regarding the Environment is so debased and unrealistic that it would not only bankrupt the USA but would not change much of the environment while China, India and others are polluting the air far more than the USA.

All the Democrat contenders have jumped on the insane bandwagon of the leftists regarding abortion and religion. They have absolutely no qualms regarding MURDERING a born child just because his mother does not want it, BUT they condemn Trump for putting children of illegals in cages or separating them although these actions were implemented by the Democrat B H Obama in the first place. The Hypocrisy, Mendacity and Immorality of Democrats are astounding and in plain sight.

They oppose, insult and do their worst to undermine the religious beliefs of millions of Americans just to please insignificant numbers of Transgender, Transvestite and other such creatures.

The Democrats are introducing these debauched subjects to children as young as 5 years adding to their sexual orientation and gender confusion.

For the last three years and continuing, the Democrats have been committing a Strategic Error with their despicable efforts exclusively focused on putting all their rotten eggs in ONE basket: that of Impeachment while at the same time totally ignoring the yearnings and aspirations of “We the People” of most Americans for addressing and or talking about relevant coherent Policy issues instead of their continuous charade at Impeachment.

The Democrats totally and hypocritically ignore the fact that Joe Biden had publicly boasted while Vice President of how he forced the removal of a judge investigating corruption in the Ukraine for a Quid pro Quo (Bribery they now call it worth $1,000,000,000) and did absolutely nothing about it, yet they and their stooges in the media are attempting to discredit Trump of a none existent Quid pro Quo.

Since the latest total collapse to find any criminal actions by the President have failed ignominiously, and although their policies have backfired, they still continue their speeding train to self-destruction.

In conclusion, I ask the following simple question:

WHY would any rational and decent American of whichever party, race, ethnicity, religion or background, reading the ledgers of achievements and lack thereof between Trump and the Democrats, would put his/her X mark for electing ANY of the Democrat contenders for the presidency?

This reminds me of

Numbers 24: “Those who Bless you (Trump) are Blessed and those who Curse you (Trump) are Cursed

I sincerely hope, for the sake of the Republic and its future generations, that millions more Americans will put their X for Trump in 2020.