Since the unlamented demise of Soleimani, most of Trump’s opponents in the Media, Academia, Politicians and Political Gurus are ‘baffled’ or ‘confused’ by his ‘unpredictable’ behaviour.

Really? Why so?

After all, Trump has been their target of ridicule and calumny even before he was elected.

He became ‘impeachable’ the instant he won the Electoral College and had done zero to be judged by anyone. Yet all his opponents have become his: Judge, Jury & Executioners without an iota of evidence to convict him with; only their irrational hatred for the man.

Trump is accused of being a Russian stooge by the very anti-American Democrats who allowed a Muslim Mulatto called Barack Hussein Obama, to run amok and rough shod against everything decent in or by America and Americans for eight years that caused more damage to the USA Politically, Economically, Militarily, Diplomatically, Socially, Medically, Educationally and in Foreign Affairs than 70 years of Communist Soviet Union and China.

As I mentioned in several of my previous articles that they continue to be suffering from their self-inflicted Trump Derangement Syndrome, and have not yet figured out that Trump is a Three Dimensional Grand Master Chess player who has been playing them like a fiddle for almost three years.

There is absolutely nothing enigmatic or ‘unpredictable’ about Trump; only in the warped imagination of his opponents who are so obscenely indecent that they are not capable or willing to give him any credit even when credit is really due.

They do not understand him because Trump is NOT a Creature of the Swamp. He is NOT a Politician. He is financially independent and cannot be bribed. Most important of all, not a single one of them ever watched Trump being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and others who told them over 25 years ago, EXACTLY what he promised Americans from 2015 onwards.

Trump asserted that his primary and only purpose for the Presidency is to Make America Great Again by making every effort in his power to treat America and Americans FIRST.

He also made it crystal clear at all times that, he will NEVER allow Americans to be Threatened, Cheated or Humiliated by anyone, ever again.

To achieve this monumental goal, he paid singular attention to world economics and America’s failings by previous administrations to do the correct bargaining deals. He also zeroed in on military alliances whose members were more like parasites sucking the blood (American tax monies) reaping great economies under the beneficent umbrella of American might while not paying their share.

He allowed the spending of almost two trillion dollars not only to make the USA the foremost supplier of oil and gas (hence completely independent from Arab and Muslim oil threats) but also to modernise and upgrade the US military to protect the USA against Conventional states as well as against Terrorist states who fight Asymmetrical Wars; by Proxies (such as Iran).

Trump’s enemies are so called ‘baffled’ by his actions or think he is ‘unpredictable’ because he does the unthinkable in politics: he keeps his promises; every single one of them, no matter how eccentric they may be perceived by the Swamp Creatures.

He attacked Bashar al Assad of Syria when Trump was informed (incorrectly) that he used gas against his civilians unlike the two faced and spineless Obama.

Every president since 1995 promised to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and every one of them lied (for whatever reason). Trump, not only has moved it to Jerusalem but also declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

Now let me discuss the subject of Iran with my usual Political Incorrectness:

For 40 years, the Ayatollahs have been declaring in public almost every Friday “Death to America”. They invaded the American embassy in Tehran in 1979 (an Act of War) under clueless and spineless Carter and held 52 hostages for 444 days.

The Mullahs became, during these 40 years, the foremost supporters of Muslim terror all over the world because not a single leader in the West wanted to hold them to account.

The traitor Barack Hussein Obama, allowed them a free hand and then graced them with the insanely one sided Iran Nuclear deal plus $150,000,000,000 in aid as well as $1.400,000,000 extortion money in cash (without the consent of the American people through Congress). For these acts alone, Obama should have been impeached and removed from office for aiding and abetting the enemies of the USA.

Here again, Trump saw perfectly clearly the folly of such supine and insane actions and decided not to let them go unchallenged.

After he was elected President, Trump made it crystal clear that he will not slap aggressors against the USA on the wrist but will amputate their arm. For this his ‘Never Trump’ opponents accused him of being a rogue cowboy looking for a fight.

When the Iranians shot down an unmanned US drone, he stopped the counter attack a few minutes before it was supposed to take place because he believed the collateral deaths among Iranians would have been disproportionate. His detractors asserted that he was a coward.

Once again he publicly warned the Mullahs that if a single American is killed, the consequences would be lethal. Of course, since they have been untouched for 40 years and allowed to form terror cells all over the world without repercussion, they felt invulnerable and targeted an American objective in Iraq killing an American contractor and wounding others.

Trump immediately retaliated against some of their assets in Syria and Iraq. They decided to humiliate Trump and Americans by repeating a similar attack against the embassy in Baghdad just as they did 40 years earlier in Tehran and a few years ago in Benghazi.

This was a huge mistake because as far as Trump is concerned, he read it as it really was: an ACT of WAR and hence immediately sent assets to secure the compound and publicly threatened both the Iraqis and Ayatollahs that he holds both of them responsible for any escalation.

No one was killed; no hostages were taken and both the Iraqis and Iranians retreated.

All of a sudden, Qasem Soleimani – the leader of all the Iranian terrorist organizations in the world – landed in Baghdad airport in plain view of the Americans attempting to either lead more attacks on the embassy or – as several Iraqis in the know informed me and asserted – that he was intending to overthrow the current Iraqi government because it is NOT as pro Iran as he wants it to be.

It is actually irrelevant why he was in Iraq since his group was declared TERRORIST by Trump and hence he should have known that he can be touched. In his arrogance, he never could have thought that anyone would dare kill him. President Trump decided otherwise and had him Terminated.

Qasem Soleimani was NOT, I repeat, was NOT Assassinated. He was Terminated. This not a play on words but Legal terminology.

As the military leader of a declared Terrorist Organization, he died in battle in Iraq NOT in Iran. Had he been killed in Iran by a US drone, then and only then can one say he was Assassinated; BUT he was killed in Baghdad airport in Iraq (MY country) knowing full well it is a supposed ally of the USA under the noses of both the US military and intelligence services.

His arrogance was supreme because he was 100% sure that the USA would not dare touch him. His conceit was correctly based on 40 years of inaction by every administration in the USA and every political party in Europe.

Since he was an Iranian enemy combatant in what was supposed to be ‘friendly’ Iraq, he was targeted for elimination NOT Assassinated (only if he was killed in Iran).

It is beyond comprehension and beneath contempt how all the Leftists/ Liberals in lock step, without a single brain cell of logic, are siding with the mortal enemies of the American people just so they can try to undermine the authority and resolute actions of President Trump to safeguard America from all her enemies.

They predicted WWIII because of Trump. Again they called him a War Monger. They predicted the same after Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem. They were utterly wrong then as they are now. Trump understands his enemies far more than ALL the Democrats, Fake News, spineless and clueless Politicians, Academicians and so called Experts Combined.

Tragically for most Americans, their worst enemies are Within the USA and amongst them: Democrats, Main ‘news’ Media, Leftists and Muslims.

The Democrats’ obsessive, irrational and utterly demented Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has not only caused them to be completely deflected from doing the jobs they were elected for, but they have turned to very publicly and without fear, Aiding and Abetting all the enemies of the American “We the People”.

In simple conclusion, Trump is not ‘unpredictable’; he is not a gun slinger looking for a fight; he is not ‘confusing’ nor is he ‘baffling’. All anyone needs to do is: Read his Twitter or Listen to his statements.

There is a new Sheriff in town who tells all lawless persons:

“Go ahead punk. Make my day”