Since the beginning of his first days in office, President Trump has set up fail-proof strategies regarding the politics of bringing American hostages home from foreign lands. To their credit, the administration has successfully released and rescued over fifty hostages from twenty-two different countries. Some of the hostages were held in captivity for over a decade; the Trump administration focused on a singular goal⏤’leave no man behind.’

Cover Image: President Donald Trump with former hostages at the White House, from left, Andrew Brunson, Sam Goodwin, and Michael White. RNC

An awareness and support organization called “Hostage US” claims that between 200 to 300 Americans are abducted by terrorists and criminal groups abroad. Those kidnapped are among the students, tourists, dual citizens, business people, ministers, journalists, government, military contractors, aid workers, and others who work and play abroad.

A study published by the New America Foundation, between the time frame of 2001 and 2016, Americans accounted for 45 percent of the total hostages killed by their captors.

What does this say about the former administration’s pursuit of rescuing abducted Americans abroad? Most disturbingly, why hasn’t the media shed a major role in spotlighting this important issue?

This patriot President uses a unique approach to hostages and the fact that this President does not cower down to the world’s evil. Neither does he aid and abet behind back door policies like the alleged former administrations before him.

Trump has indeed reversed decades of the American Hostage Policy, penetrating the boundaries of political greed. This law and order President takes no prisoners; he remains flexible and personal as he resolves conflicts.

President Trump highlighted the RNC with the sensitive knowledge that his administration is responsible for a historical record of rescued American hostages, as he added another layer of respect and support by Americans when he invited six former American hostages to join him.

Among them was a U.S. Navy Veteran. Michael White was arrested in Iran in 2018, sentenced to up to 13 years in prison while visiting a girlfriend he had met online. He had been in captivity for 683 days.

Sam Goodwin spent two months in Syrian custody after visiting the country without a visa.

Pastor Andrew Brunson visited Turkey when he was accused of terrorism and being involved in a 2016 coup. President Trump, who was made for this moment in time, had conducted a ” few conversations” with Erdogan and got Brunson released.

The Mormon missionary, Joshua Holt, and his wife, Thamara Candelo Holt, who he met and married in Venezuela, Holt were arrested for allegedly stockpiling grenades and an AK-47 assault rifle; authorities accused them of harboring weapons at the wife’s family’s home, he was held in a Caracas prison for two years without a trial.

While visiting India, Pastor Bryan Nerran was arrested after not declaring $40.00 in cash on his way to Nepal.

The news of the more than fifty hostages from over twenty-two different countries has been downplayed by the media when it comes to giving credit to this American President, aside from the fact that Trump has brought the largest number of American hostages home, more than any other President in the history of the United States. Still, the media would never want to expose the humanitarian side of this pro-American President.

President Trump recently stated, “We’re very proud of the job we did,” noting that national security advisor Robert O’Brien had been involved in the negotiations.

Attorney Robert O’ Brien serves as the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs since May 2018. It is his office that aims to steer and coordinate diplomatic efforts concerning both hostages and political prisoners and bring consistent senior-level attention to hostage affairs issues and engage with foreign partners to assist in hostage recovery and maintain a strong “no concessions policy.”

Many countries worldwide have the most stringent rules and regulations that many Americans take for granted in everyday life. Americans live in the greatest country on earth. We are spoiled because of our Constitutional rights as sovereign beings to say and do whatever we want within the rule of law.

We need a pit-bull President Trump and his administration to keep on fighting for us because our media has become eviscerated and won’t be there to highlight the details of the inhuman acts of rogue societies.

Do yourself a favor, turn your fake news media programs off, do your own research into other outlets in social media, research, compare the differences into what you see and hear, and become more flexible with understanding the facts.

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