One of the most challenging things to endure and heal from is sexual trauma. So many young people, male and female, never get the help they need because they were too afraid or ashamed to speak up. The lasting scars of abuse can be healed though.

This show covers the sensitive topic of rape and abuse. Statistics say that we all know someone who has endured sexual abuse or at least inappropriate advances — even if we don’t talk about it. Dr. Andrea explores this painful subject with a woman who not only survived to experiences of rape, but she escaped a near attempt by her own father and has healed from the experiences. Most importantly, Lyn Smith has used her traumatic past to help others heal, too. She has even written a book about how to use the polarized masculine and feminine energies to attract lasting healthy love relationships.

Lyn has a very inspirational and harrowing personal story of how she went from having unhealthy relationships with men to a 23 year marriage to her ex-husband in which she felt safe & secure but was confused and frigid. At the tender age of 42 she started her healing journey by speaking about what happened to her for the first time. She then researched & trained with the world’s leading personal development & relationship experts. She met her soul mate Paul via on-line dating in early Jan 2010, in Paul she’d attracted a man who swept her off her feet with his sheer physical presence and masculine energy, he makes her feel younger, alive and more feminine. Their relationship is full of passion, intimacy and fulfillment and gives her inner peace.

Lyn Smith is an International Relationship Transformation Expert & Author of – “The Cupid’s Bow Technique – From Casual To Committed Using The Power Of Polarization” Lyn works with women to help them heal past and current hurts, traumas & heartbreak, understand themselves, understand men and attract and create more lasting passion, intimacy, peace and fulfillment. Lyn’s Mission is to have a positive impact in reducing divorce, domestic violence & suicide.

“Introduction to the Inclusion Revolution: Together with Love” by Sister Jenna, Director of the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centers
“Rewind” by Blue Wednesday
“Apple Pie & Butterflies” by Blue Wednesday
“Capsule” by David Cutter
“Romantic Piano” by Akashic Records

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I Love You, Me! includes the latest in-depth research from positive psychology, mindfulness meditation, compassion and life planning. It will help you:

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  • Love Who You Really Are by showing you how to release useless mental programs, heal old wounds and forgive your past while embracing your spiritual gifts
  • Live Who You Really Are by using the Diamond Life Design framework to architect an epic life based on your values, desires, and your authentic self

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