Transforming the Energy of Fear

I start the day with this saying and repeat it whenever I feel myself sinking into dark energy. I recently wrote about the energies of grief, and how we can transmute them through conscious attention. There is a fine line between grief and fear, and sometimes they are so intertwined that we can’t separate them with our logical mind. It is at these times that some people attempt to find a place of Radical Acceptance. Those words seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum: radical meaning something different to everyone who hears it, but mainly seen as extreme or even revolutionary, acceptance seems meek and often approving. Radical acceptance is accomplished slowly by stepping into the moment, being aware—or mindful—and asking the question:

“What, if anything, can I do to directly alter this situation?”

If you cannot, it is time to employ Radical Acceptance and then look to the tool of heart energy. This is not optimism or religious acceptance of “everything happens for a reason.” This is active seeking for the road less traveled. This is at the heart of what I teach as a HeartMath® Trainer. It is always about the heart—the strong resilient heart—and its energy.

The above question is so important in grieving. We have lost a precious loved one. Asking to find the good in that is nearly impossible. Loss is to be noticed, grieved, cared for and, sooner or later, accepted. Radical Acceptance is when we intentionally reach that point of acceptance that we thought impossible. As I point out when writing about forgiveness, we are NOT saying what happened is all right. We are saying that it happened. We cannot go back to before it happened. It’s time to choose a way to approach this experience through heart energy. This is true whether it is the horrific loss of life in the Middle East, the poverty and starvation threatening the world, our own political schism that belies the American dream or a personal injury or loss. It is the heroic effort to find another way. We can always help in small ways: volunteer our time or money to a cause or support a family in getting on their feet. I’m sure you can supply many other examples.

The writings of Therese Tappouni… “One Woman’s Window” Series

But there is something else we can do. In addition to the Course quote, I take a few minutes every day to be in a quiet space and do the following exercise based on the Heart Coherence Technique from HeartMath. Without fail, it calms my heart and sends my fear and ego to the back porch. When my heart is in charge, I ask for intuition on what I can ‘do’ or how I can ‘be’ in this situation. And, most importantly, I decide to be only in this moment for this moment.

Sometimes, becoming aware of our intuition—our heart/soul messages—is as simple as suddenly deciding to take a different route to work. From the book “The Gifts of Grief: Finding Light in the Darkness of Loss,” by Therese

This is how it would work if you were sending reassurance to self and others on the planet who are overwhelmed with fear. Be aware that we are all beings of energy and we can feel it from each other. Instead of fear, our goal is to feel calm, and, if possible, loving.

  1. Sit quietly and breathe deeply.
  2. Focus on someone or something you appreciate—a person, a group, nature, etc.—and radiate your energy and this feeling of appreciation to them for about two minutes. (This opens the heart and prepares you to send love and care to anywhere on the planet.)
  3. Now find a feeling in your heart of genuine care and compassion for the planet and the people on it. Breathe deeply and find the emotion you know you have for someone or something you genuinely care for.
  4. As you breathe out, see these feelings flowing on your energy to the energy of others, and into the world like a tidal wave of care and compassion washing over the planet. Breathe into your heart; breathe out care and compassion to all beings.
  5. As you radiate these feelings out into a specific part of the world that needs care, or the entire planet, imagine your energy joining with the energy of other beings doing the same thing.

Most people try to do this for at least five minutes a day, but your heart will tell you. If you want to send love and compassion in a group at specific times, check out the Global Coherence Initiative on line. Here, people send energy together to troubled spots on Earth or the planet in general.

The power of energy cannot be over-estimated. The negative energy on the planet created by war, deceit, greed and hate is powerful, but it is scattered. When we consciously focus our energy, as we do in Radical Acceptance and Heart Coherence, answers come and results happen. So first we become aware of our powerful energy. Next, we accept the situation as it is. Finally we focus our energy on a chosen place or people on the planet.

As we send energy, our personal perspective will change. It can be small at first, but will grow enormously as we become aware of our energy on a daily basis. Every time we start to react with anger or hate, or send a negative message on Twitter or Facebook, our heart will warn us. Going into appreciation will change everything. It is as A Course in Miracles says about choice: “Every decision I make is a choice…”

These choices take only minutes a day, don’t cost a cent and improve our health. There is no downside. In this day and time, our choices could save lives. At the very least, you will have moments of peace and even joy. As the poet and philosopher John O’Donohue says: “God has a great heart. Only a divine artist with such huge longing would have the beauty and timeless imagination to dream and create such a wonderful Universe.” Can we not emulate God’s great heart?

For Further Insight:
The writings of Therese Tappouni… “One Woman’s Window” Series

(This, and many other exercises and meditations, can be found in the store as the Gifts of Grief  MP3 at If you don’t have it, put on some quiet music, or just stay in silence.

“The Gifts of Grief: Finding Light in the Darkness of Loss”