Throughout history mythical stories of Utopia have existed, the quest for the perfect benevolent society, shared riches for all, free from conflict, disease, where everyone shares in a perfect reality. Socialists have written about and experimented with the concept of socialism for hundreds of years, almost all resulting in failure, never achieving a true utopian society. When questioned why they have never reached their goal, the socialists retort with, “it just hasn’t been done right yet, but this time it will be”.

The list of relatively modern utopian philosophers goes back to the 15th century most notably Sir Thomas Moore 1478 – 1535. Sir Thomas More, venerated in the Catholic Church as Saint Thomas More, an English lawyer, social philosopher, author, statesman, and noted Renaissance humanist. He also served Henry VIII as Lord High Chancellor of England from October 1529 to May 1532.

The socialist-utopian philosophers were not limited to just members of the Catholic Church or Englishman. Tommaso Campanella, baptized Giovanni Domenico Campanella, was a Dominican friar, Italian philosopher, theologian, astrologer, and poet.

Étienne Cabet was a French philosopher and utopian socialist who founded the Icarian movement. Cabet became the most popular socialist advocate of his day, with a special appeal to artisans who were being undercut by factory labor.

François Marie Charles Fourier was a French philosopher, an influential early socialist thinker and one of the founders of utopian socialism. Some of Fourier’s social and moral views, held to be radical in his lifetime, have become mainstream thinking in modern society.

Even 500 years ago the blending of socialism and utopian philosophy was commonplace. When we look at the politics of today, we hear speeches of transformation, equalization, equality for all, social justice in a society that benefits everybody with no one left out. 

With a socialist philosophy that’s over 500 years old and having its roots in our European heritage and cultures, and now with broad acceptance by philosophers and members of academia along with politicians and revolutionaries⏤why has it not been successful?

Quest for the American Utopia

Politicians now throw around the words of “social justice” and “transformation” promising a utopian society where everybody benefits equally. Former VP Joe Biden in his remarks this past week basically made the same promises. “We have to rebuild it better” and “we have to have an economy that all can share in equally”. Additional radical members of the Democrat Party are saying “we must dismantle the society and economy to make it fair for all”.

Beyond the economic issues, they promise a utopian society where there is no violence, no injustice, and no need for police of any kind. It should be noted that in all recorded history there has never been a society on the face of the earth that did not have some type of police force.

Many efforts have been tried to reach this utopian socialist communal society, one where everybody benefits. Most times it winds up as a bureaucracy of secret police, violence, and murder, where dissidents neutralized, resulting in millions of deaths. Lenin and Stalin in their efforts to establish a socialist communist government, eventually forming the USSR, used violence, fear, coercion, and murder to reach their goals. Only through eliminating all dissidents and establishing an ironfisted regime were they able to establish what they described as a utopian society Communist Russia, the USSR.

Socialism requires a bureaucracy of elites to plan and to govern, establish who is responsible for what functions and to enforce them. Adherence to the plan is required of all the people. In the mid-1920s, in Russia, the peasants were told to move off their lands and that all property and land now belonged to the government. They revolted and as a result over 40,000 were executed in a period of three weeks. That was just the start.

There seems to be something wrong with a philosophy that advocates equality and justice, that benefits all people, that requires an ironfisted bureaucracy to keep it under control. Throughout history 18th, 19th and 20th century all attempts at socialism have wound up as totalitarian regimes, where the bureaucracy claims it is a necessary requirement during this transformational period.

No socialist regime in the last 500 years has been able to sustain itself and move from an oppressive socialist bureaucracy to that of an enlightened self-governed utopian state. I wonder why this is so? When you read the philosophers and the politicians of history, they all have the same excuse, “it wasn’t done right”.

Our country just celebrated its 244th anniversary, and still in our childhood as a nation, with many growing pains. A pandemic raging through the country, around the globe, social discontent in our cities calling for the removal of police. A battle for the minds of the people is being narrated by the media, that professes the United States is a corrupt and unjust country that requires transformation.

Transformation Through Revolution – Straight from the Marxian Doctrine

Is the United States at the brink of change? Is change being thrust upon us by internal and external forces? Is a huge part of our society turning a deaf ear to this, are they in denial? Is this a Marxian Socialist movement, disguised by such names as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, The New Green Deal, Global Climate Change and more?

Their focus has a requirement of changing the United States which was founded on Entrepreneurial Capitalistic societal foundations, based upon our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. These Marxists say it is impossible to overcome the sins of our forefathers, of racism, of slavery, of injustice without destroying those fundamental elements that defined the basis of our current society. 

Over the 244 years of our Republic we have had substantial change⏤we’ve amended the Constitution multiple times, we fought a great Civil War to right the wrongs of slavery, and maintain the union, to create a more perfect union without having to dismantle our society and our heritage.

Now elements of the radical left, Democrat Socialists, basically Marxists have all taken the position that we must destroy all the elements of our history, achievements, and heritage. And unless we do just that and eliminate all vestiges of the last 400 years⏤we cannot succeed and become a unified people.

Somehow the element of reparations is thrust into the argument. The idea that significant payments of money to people who have no living relatives or anyone who was a victim of slavery can be healed by receiving a large check is preposterous to me.

I contend that this above all proves that their argument calling for the elimination of our history, monuments and our achievements is a fraud. If you are a true believer that the United States of America is an unjust nation, so flawed it must be torn down completely, how can you say that some financial incentive solves the problem, that’s prostituting your values.

Karl Marx in The Manifesto of the Communist Party challenged the French philosophers and their theories of social philosophy, natural science, and normative ethics of the utopian philosophers of the late 18th and early 19th century. Marx, Lenin, Stalin put them aside, adopted the philosophy of control, domination, and force, all leading to violent revolution. 

Where are we today, how does this all apply? The reality is many of these people protesting are college educated, out of school students, who have been sold this utopian philosophy is based upon socialism, and that capitalism is the root of all evil. How many times have you heard “money is the root of all evil?”

Our country has a choice to make, either we move forward and continue to grow as a nation, as a Republic, with a representative government, believing everyone can still achieve their goals, or we turn our future over to a bureaucracy, that professes they know what is better for each of us.

The key is to ensure opportunity is available to all, and give everybody a chance, but not artificially, not empty political promises. 

In November we can choose, a Democrat Party, wanting greater central control, more bureaucracy, higher taxation, to pay for more centralized control, more regulation and rigid direction fundamentally taking our freedoms away.

Alternatively, is to continue to change our government from within, incrementally, eliminate the career politician who survives to benefit only him/herself. 244 years ago, the words of “We the People” uniquely separated us from all the other nations, kingdoms, entities that covered the face of the earth.

It is not time for us to revert to a bureaucratic rule that hammers down those who exercise our rights of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and the freedom to vote. But it is time that we examine the changes that we’ve made that have taken us away from the values of the founding fathers of this country and improve upon those values that serve “All the People”.