Trade, Tariffs & Borders – What a week it’s been! Masses of Insurgents streaming through Mexico headed to U.S. border; China adding more tariffs; markets in seamingly free fall one day then reversing the next without reason. Now President Trump has ordered troops on the southern border, changing our policy, and a look at how all this “Chaos” as the MSM likes to call it is impacting Europe. Leaders of the Baltic nations were just in town; questions of oil, gas, energy, are all part of new policy and conflict, and the President’s popularity is at all time high! Jim McCay and Ian Henderson are here in a discussion on World News. 

Special Guest Host Dennis Santiago is in for Malcolm this week. DENNIS SANTIAGO IS A WEEKLY COLUMNIST AND COMMENTATOR ON AMERICA OUT LOUD. He is an author and commentator on national policy and global stability issues. His areas of expertise include combat aircraft, ordnance, electronic warfare, command and control, campaign design and game theory.

Dumpster Diving the Middle East – If ‘The Enemy of My Enemy’ …is the mantra for Middle East politics–then important we pay attention to the players and their latest moves. Is the conflict on Gaza border a sign of further broadening conflict? Has Israel used excessive force? Is the media giving an accurate report? Has there been a softening in the Saudi position towards Israel? Is the Crown Prince moving the Saudi ruling family away from radical Islam? Seems none of the neighboring Arab nations want to provide land or sanctuary for the Palestinians. What does the future look like? Ilana Freedman is a Strategic Counter-Terrorism 
Intelligence Analyst —  and will take a closer look at these conflicts in the region.

Roundtable:  It’s a Mad Mad World – The Bots are coming, the Bots are coming…this is interesting in that out of control bots from Russia and Eastern Europe caused Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to implement bot curbs which may have contributed to the anger of the YouTube crazed shooter. While the FEMALE KILLER raged at YouTube, her family was stunned it ended in gunfire. YouTube/Google kept all the “NEWS” under wraps for hours, how did they manage to do this? What level of POWER do these people possess? Are shooting in schools and nightclubs related to the YouTube event, are they all either psychos or terrorists? Is there some common thread here? Why are people killing people instead of talking to them? Ava Armstrong and Kelly Carlson have a lively conversation on the insanity of the insane. 


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