Top Stories: Trade and Immigration – This was the tweet that could rattle economic momentum in the U.S.; it could also solve the immigration border issue maybe: it could even impact the trade standoff with China perhaps! President Trump tweeted: “On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico, until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP. The Tariff will gradually increase until the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied…” 

How will this impact the future of the USMCA, the revised trade pact with Mexico and Canada? AND DOES IT GET RATIFIED THIS YEAR? Was tying immigration and our border crisis to trade and tariffs with Mexico a brilliant idea or political suicide? Harry Dent, Economic Forecaster & New York Times Best Selling Author joins us on Viewpoint in a riveting discussion that is sure to make you think!

Immigration, Trade Policies and American Ideals – Mexico President López Obrador said that “social problems are not solved with duties or coercive measures,” and alluded to the United States’ history as a nation of immigrants: “The Statue of Liberty is not an empty symbol.” HAVE WE DRIFTED FROM THOSE EARLY IDEALS? WAS THE EXPERIMENT OF AMERICA TO KEEP THOSE DOORS AND BORDERS OPEN TO TAKE IN THE WORLD’S POOREST? A passionate conversation with a stellar panel not to be missed! Dennis Santiago is an American Strategist, Philosopher and Patriot, a weekly columnist and Commentator. Jewels Jones is a Political Activist, Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner. Matt King, Independent researcher and a veteran of the US Air Force. Arnetta Notkin, 30 years working on Wall Street – she is a Producer and Commentator at America Out Loud.

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