After former San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick and other fake NFL, multi-millionaire “Social Justice” warriors began taking knees during the playing of our National Anthem I boycotted the NFL. That boycott remained in place until this year’s Super Bowl. Close friends invited my wife and I to visit and watch the game at their home, so we accepted and watched the game that was viewed by 130 million Americans.

Having been a competitive athlete in my high school, college and post-college adult years, I have always enjoyed good athletic competition. In my day, athletics were never mixed with politics. Back then the owners of the professional leagues understood that Americans go to or attend games to be entertained and to decompress from a week of hard work on the job. They don’t want more stress, disappointment, frustration or anger in their lives. Apparently this is lost on today’s generation of franchise owners, managers and paid and entitled uber-rich athletes.

Everything was fine until the half-time when “The Commercial” sponsored by the NFL and a new organization called The Players Coalition was aired. The subject of the commercial was police brutality of black men featuring a officer-involved shooting of a black man identified as Corey Jones in Florida in 2015. Turns out that Jones was the cousin of Players Coalition co-founder NFL Baltimore Ravens player Anquan Boldin. It also turns out that Jones was not killed by a white police officer, but a minority officer. They just simply forgot to tell you that in the commercial.

I was disturbed by the NFL’s timing of airing this disturbing socio-political commercial during the Super Bowl. It was tasteless and deliberately aired for more than a “social awareness” purpose.

While my friends were watching the game, I began researching the Player’s Coalition and what I found might disturb you if you are involved in law enforcement and a search for the truth.

When you go to the Player’s Coalition website, you find that it is sponsored not only by the NFL, but by Jay-Z and Beyoncé Carter. Yes, the two well-known entertainers who sat during the playing of our national Anthem. I know a lot about this famous pair. In fact, I devoted an entire chapter to their backgrounds and Jay-Z’s criminal history in my popular book, “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War On Police,” (Amazon). 

Before attaining fame as a rapper and a very successful businessman, Jay-Z was a convicted felon and a drug dealer who poisoned children and adults in the black community by selling crack cocaine. There’s some real “social justice” for you. Apparently black lives really didn’t matter to Jay-Z back then when he was poisoning and stabbing blacks. Maybe he’s “woke” now. 

The Carters also donated about $33 million to the radical, Black Nationalist, Black Lives Matter organization. You know the BLM. They are the ones video taped walking down the streets enmass yelling, “Pigs in a blanket. Fry’em like bacon!” Some of the BLM members are also responsible for burning down black owned businesses in Ferguson, MO after the justifiable shooting of Michael Brown by then Officer Darren Wilson. They are the ones who held that rally in Dallas a few years ago where five innocent Dallas PD officers were murdered by a black police-hating sniper who cowardly fired upon them without warning from a nearby parking structure. How’s that for “social justice?”

What was equally disturbing to me as a forensic criminologist who investigates and tracks officer-involved shootings (OIS’s) nationally and perhaps to you as well; was the blatant use of completely inaccurate and unvetted statistics by the Player’s Coalition and the NFL regarding blacks who have been shot by police officers. 

According to the Player’s Coalition website 1,147 were killed by law enforcement officers in 2017, including 147 people who were “unarmed.” The Coalition states that if you are black, you are “3.49 times more likely to be shot” and “3 times more likely to be killed by police.” You won’t find any references to their statistics. I also contacted them and received no response. That’s a problem.

Let me share them with you⏤the real, accurate and thoroughly vetted statistics on law enforcement OIS’s and blacks; as well as homicide statistics on black shootings deaths in America. I think that once you read these and research the sources, you will agree with me that this is yet another nail in the NFL’s “credibility coffin.”

Conversely to what the Player’s Coalition and their NFL sponsors state, in actuality, in the four years encompassing 2009 – 2012, 1,491 people in total died in law enforcement related homicides (not murders). This figure represents a nearly 50% drop in law enforcement-related homicides from twenty years ago. So, how can police have killed 1,147 people in only one year (2017) as the Players Coalition and NFL claim?

Of the 1,491 who died during confrontations with police, only 32% were blacks. Sixty-one percent (61%) were whites. So not only is the statement that blacks are “three times more likely to be killed by police” inaccurate; we see that twice as many whites than blacks died during police confrontations. 

Now, to provide you with some factual context, let us turn our attention to the “mechanisms of death” for blacks. There are over 900,000 law enforcement officers in America. Of those, nearly half work the street. These officers make millions of contacts with citizens each month and tens of millions of contacts each year. Of those tens of millions of encounters, only less than 2% result in any use of force; let alone deadly force. Of those tens of millions of contacts and all of the officer involved shootings a year, an average of only 120 black males die during police confrontations. This equates to only one black male out of roughly 173,000 black males dying during a violent confrontation with police. 

Compare the above statistic 1/173,000 black males dying during an encounter with police, to the 2,369 black males who die annually in vehicular accidents; or the 2,500 black males who die as a result of suicide. 

In reality and statistically, a black male in America is 35 times more likely to be killed by another black male than by a police officer. Black males are 20 times more likely to be killed in a car accident or by suicide. Here’s a revealing statistic – black males are 21 times more likely to be killed in a self-defense shooting incident; of which the majority of the shooters are other black males legally defending themselves. That’s right. More black males are shot and killed in justifiable self-defense shootings by other black males than by police. Let that statistic set in for a minute. But then, the NFL and the Player’s Coalition seeking “social justice” didn’t bother to provide you with those readily available statistics. 

If the NFL and the Player’s Coalition really cared about “social justice,” they would first look inwards and produce commercials that seek to reduce the incredible rate of gun and violent homicides in the black community. There is no other racial group in the U.S. that has the internal homicide rate of blacks. Again, here are the readily available statistics. 

Blacks comprise about 13% of the entire U.S. population. Of that population, 48% are black males, or 6.6%. Of this group, only 61% of black males are under 65 years of age. However, in a four year period between 2009 – 2012, black males who comprise only 6% of the entire U.S. population accounted for approximately 52% of all male and female homicides in the country. Within the black community that small percentage of black males account for 90% of all black male homicides. How about that for so-called “social justice?” 

By now, you should be asking yourself why an organization like the NFL who’s commissioner recently bragged that they will net over one billion dollars in profits from the Super Bowl and who is sponsoring with the Player’s Coalition and ex-felon Jay-Z, couldn’t spend a buck to hire a competent criminologist to research the facts.

That’s because they could all care less as to what the real facts are regarding officer-involved shootings.

That’s the game being played on the American people. The cops are the bad guys. America is a bad place to live in. There is racial and social injustice. “Move on madam/sir, there’s nothing to see here” with respect to the issues of real “social injustice.” 

You want to know what I think real “social injustice” is? People murdering other people at rates of incredibly more disparity than their population numbers; and that’s not the police, sports fans.

If the NFL, the Player’s Coalition, the Inspire Change Initiative and celebrity social justice multi-millionaire warriors like Jay-Z and Beyoncé Carter and Colin Kaepernick really want to improve social justice for their people, they ought to be putting some money and sweat equity into getting into our violent urban communities.

How about the NFL and Player’s Coalition encouraging kids to stay in school; not take or sell drugs; not solve their problems with firearms and to respect and not resist the police. They ought to be telling young black men to stop impregnating young girls and abandoning them and their new-born’s. 

The NFL and Player’s Coalition ought to be encouraging teens, young people and adults to learn employable skills to make themselves independent of the slavery of government subsistence. They ought to be encouraging school districts to teach de-escalation tactics so the pent-up violence of immature, armed young people does not spill out onto the streets, killing more young people. They ought to be role modeling and teaching respect, tolerance, sobriety, good parenting, self-confidence and independence. They ought to be voicing their distain for entertainers like Jay-Z making millions off of violent videos that refer to women as “bitches and Ho’s” and show young men acting like drug dealers and gangsters.

The NFL and irresponsible multimillionaire players should stop lying and gaming the American people. They should spend as much time cleaning up their own house and working on real social justice as they do on endorsements, selling over-priced jerseys and $2,500 tickets to football games. 

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